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MD letter C

Opus to the Letter C

caedo, -ere, cecidi, caesum beat, cut, kill
calidus, -a, -um warm
catena, -ae, f. chain
capio, -ere, cepi, captum take
carus,-a, -um dear, expensive
causa (w/ preceding genitive) for the sake of
celeritas, -tatis, f. speed
celo, celare. celavi, celatum to hide
ceno, cenare, cenavi, cenatum to dine
certe certainly at last
certus, -a, -um sure, reliable
cervix, cervicis f. neck
ceterum but
cibus, -i, m. food
cito quickly
clarus, -a, -um bright clear loud
classis, -is f. fleet
cocus, -i, m. cook
coemo, -ere, coemi, coemptum to buy up
coepi, coepisse, coeptum (perf. syst. only) began
colligo, -ere, -legi, -lectum gather
collum, -i, n. neck
colo, -ere, colui, cultum till worship adorn
comedo, -esse, -edi, -esum eat
commoveo, -ere, -movi, -motum move
compono, -ere, -posui, -positum put together put away
computo are avi atum to count
concito are avi atum to stir up
confectus, -a, -um worn out
coniungo, -ere, -iunxi, -iunctum join unite
conservus, -i, m. fellow slave
consido, -ere, -sedi, -sessum sit down
consilium, -ii, n. plan intention
consisto, -ere, -stiti halt stand still
consono, -ere, -ui sound together
contemno, -ere, -tempsi, -temptum to despise
contentus, -a, -um content
contineo, -ere, -tinui, -tentum struggle contain
contingo, -ere, -tigi, -tactum (+ dat.) to happen come out
continuo immediately
convicium, -ii, n. insult
conviva, -ae, m/f. guest
coquo, -ere, coxi, coctum to cook
corripio, -ere, -ripui, -reptum seize
cottidie every day
cras tomorrow
cresco, -ere, crevi, cretum increase grow
cruentus, -a, -um bloody
cubiculum, -i, n. bedroom
cubo, -are, cubui, cubitum lie down
cultus, -a, -um adorned
cumbo, -ere, cubui, cubitum lie down
cupidus, -a, -um (+ gen.) disirous
cursus, -us, m. voyage
Created by: latinstudier