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Millionaire's dinner

A and B Vocab

accidit, -ere, accidit it happens
accumbo, -ere, -cubui, -cubitum to recline
acer, acris, acre shap keen
acutus, -a, -um sharp clever
adduco, -ere, -duxi, -ductum lead to
adeo so, to such an extent
adhuc still
adicio, -icere, -ieci, -iectum throw to add
aditus, -us, m. approach, entrance
aeger, -gra, -grum sick ill
aequus, -a, -um equal
aliquando sometime at last
aliquis, aliquid someone something
aliquot (indeclinable adjective) some several
amplector, -i, amplexus sum embrace
amplus, -a, -um large ample
amplius more
angustus, -a, -um narrow
animadverto, -ere, -verti, -versum notice
aperio, -ire, aperui, apertum open
appareo, -ere, -ui, -itum appear
apud (prep. + acc.) at the house of
arrideo, -ere, -risi, -risum smile at
assentor, i, assentus sum agree
attoneo, -ere, -ui, -itum astound
audax, -acis bold, rash
augeo, -ere, auxi, auctum increase
bellus, -a, -um nice, pretty
bos, bovis, m. ox
bracchium, -ii, n. arm
Created by: latinstudier