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Unit One Study Stack

Vocabulary from unit one

Center of the earth Core
Computer software used to map the earth GIS
A spherical model of the earth(most accurate) Globe
This layer includes the continents and ocean floor. Crust
Group of places/areas united by one or more common characteristics. Region
The exact location formed by latitude and longitude. Absolute location
Lines that run E to W but measure N and S of the equator. Latitude
How and why people change their surroundings. Human/environment interaction
Network of lines that are formed by crossing one another. Grid system
Height above sea level. Elevation
Funnel-shaped windstorm that form during severe thunderstorms. Tornado
Violent tropical storms that form over the Atlantic Ocean with high winds. Hurricanes
Usual predictable pattern of weather in an area over a long period of time. Climate
Build up of gases in the atmoshpere that prevent warm air from rising. Greenhouse effect
Unpredictable changes in the air that take place over a short period of time. Weather
Cannot be replaced,coal,oil,gas. Nonrenewable
A highly developed culture. Civilization
Groups of people who share common culture, language or society. Ethnic groups
Cannot be used up or it can be replaced naturally. Wind, sun, and trees are examples. Renewable
People who move to a new country as a permanent home. Immigrant
Public squares Plaza
Person who travels to another country to enjoy the natural wonders. Eco-tourist
Overall increase in the price of goods across the entire economy. Inflation
Topmost layer of the rain forest. Canopy
Percentage of people that can read and write Literacy rate
An official that is the head of a government Prime minister
A strong national government that is run by a president that people elect. Republic
Voters elect representatives to a law-making body. Parliamentary democracy
A group of islands Archipelago
A sheltered place along a shoreline where ships can anchor safely. Harbor
A sizable inland body of water. Lake
Land surrounded by water on three sides. Peninsula
Land with steep sides that rises sharply from the surrounding area. Mountian
Flat or rolling land at a high elevation. Plateau
The area of low land between hills or mountains. Valley
Land area completely surrounded by water. Island
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