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Drivers Ed

Drivers ED

When operating a vehicle on public or private property to avoid a traffic control signal or sign you will receive a____________ 2 point moving violation
If your wheels go off the road, what do you do to get safely back onto the road? Stop and slowly turn back, slow down and slightly turn wheel towards roadway.
You turn your wheels toward the curb if your parked downhill.
You should shift to a lower gear and __________ if your brakes suddenly go out. pump your brakes
When would you use your high beams? A night when no cars are approaching from the other direction and when on an open road where no traffic in sight
The supervising driver must: be 21 years of age, NJ driver, and have a license for 3 years.
A_________________ shaped sign iis a construction or warning sign. Diamond
The holder of a permit under 21 must___________ ___________ _____________ to get a probationary license. pass road knowledge and vision test complete 6 months of supervised driving be at least 17.
Not stopping for a pedestrian is a fine of $500, up to 25 days in jail,____________ 2points, and___________________. Community service suspension of license for 6 months
If your under 21, you're considered under the influence if your BAC is more than ___________. .01% BAC
If someone is passing you, you should______________ to make the pass easier. slow down
If a school bus stops in front of a school, you can pass from either direction no faster than_____________. 10 miles an hour.
When driving in the city, you should drive___________ and yield to ____________. slowly, pedestrians
Seat belts keep you from hitting the _________________ and being _________ from the car. windshield, ejected
Driving under the influence means a driver's senses and judgemment are____________ impaired.
You can get your driver's permit when: 16 years old in a behind the wheel course have a parent's consent
When you are skidding you should_________________________. turn in the direction of the skid and take your foot off the pedal
Driving________ mph or faster on a wet road can cause your car to hydroplane. 35
The business and residential speed limit is______ miles per hour. 25
If someone in a large truck cannot see you in their mirrors you are in a______________. blind spot
You cannot park within _______ feet of a fire hydrant. 10
Every car must have______________. liability insurance
Are their any restrictions when you are driving on your permit over the age of 21? No
Driving priveliges are postponed to unlicensed people for: buying alcohol grafitti calling in false alarms
If you violate any permit or probationary restrictions you must pay a $_________ fine and face a possible driving suspension. 100
When driving with buses and trucks, you should: give extra room for turns stop further away maintain constant speed when passing
If you are in an accident while your driving privileges are suspended you could get a fine jail time license revoked
You must report a change of address to MVC within days. 7
Driving hours if you are on your permit under 21 are___________am to__________pm. 5:01, 11:00
What arm signal should you make if you want to turn left? Hand and arm straight out
You wil get a ______________fine in a construction zone. double
Only____________ can sober you up. time
You must drive with a probationary license for___________. one year
The car you use on your driving test cannot have any__________ between you and the exminer. obstructions
If your BAC is .15%, your risk of causing an accident is ____greater. 25
When changing lanes, making turns,slowing down, or stopping, you must use a ________. signal
If you park uphill on a street, your wheel should be turned _______from the curb. away
In bad weather, it takes ____________ more time to stop. 25%
If more than one car is stopped at an intersection, the one on the_________ goes first. right
If the intersection is_____________, you should slow down and be ready to stop. uncontrolled
If you are under 21, who can be in the car with you? Siblings and one other person.
In order to avoid an accident, you should: Be alert Act in a timely fashion Be prepared
If there is not a "No turn on Red" sign, you can turn: when the light turns green after coming to a complete stop and observing no traffic
Altering your license results in a: loss of driving priviledges $1000.00 fine imprsioned for 90 days to 6 months
You must have red decals if you are _______. under 21
There needs to be one red decal on the ______________. Top left corner of rear license plate.
Created by: squints0609
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