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Stack #173570

Auriemma West Indies

What kind of islands are the West Indies? Volcanic and limestone
What is a group of islands called? Archipelago
What is Bauxite? A mineral used to create tin
What are the two main economic activities of the West Indies? Farming and Tourism
How many islands are the Bahamas? 700
What type of government rules with an iron fist, they make all the decisions for their country? Communist
Which West Indies country is a communist country? Cuba
What is an embargo? A ban on trade.
What does it mean to be literate? To be able to read and write
Which explorer reached the Bahamas in 1492? Christopher Columbus
Which group of Europeans were the first to set up an established community in the West Indies? Spain
What was the first European city in the West Indies? Santo Dominico
What is a gross domestic product? The amount of money a country earns in a year per person
What are the three archipelagos that are found in the West Indies? Bahamas, Greater Antillies, and Lesser Antillies
Which two countries share and island in the West Indies? Dominican Republic and Haiti
Why did many of the Native Americans perish when the Spanish set up homes in the West Indies? Disease and harsh treatment
Created by: jauriemma