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Map Outline Streets

S 1st St w Cesar Chavez to W FM 1626
FM 1431 Cross Streets Azure Highland Dr to Trails End Rd
W Whitestone Blvd Cross Streets N New Hope Dr to Lakeline Blvd
FM 2244 Cross Streets SH 71W to S Mopac Expy
Parmer Ln Cross Streets SH 29 to US Hwy 290E
Dessau Rd Cross Streets SH 130N to E 51st St
FM 2222 Cross Streets FM 2769 to Parkcrest Dr/ Highland Crest Dr
Northland Dr Cross Streets Parkcrest Dr/ Highland Crest Dr to Shoal Creek Blvd
Allandale Rd Cross Streets Shoal Creek Blvd to Burnet Rd
Koenig Ln Cross Streets Burnet Rd to IH 35N
Airport Blvd Cross Streets N Lamar Blvd to Bastrop Hwy
North Capital of Tx Hwy Cross Streets Mopac to Wild Basin Rd South
South Capital of Tx Hwy Cross Streets Wild Basin Rd South to S.Lamar Blvd/W Ben White Blvd/ US 290W
FM 620 South Cross Streets SH 71W to Clara Van St
FM 620 North Cross Streets Clara Van St to RR 620N
Springdale Rd Cross Streets Sprinkle Rd/Cameron Rd to E Cesar Chavez St
Sh 71W Cross Streets Fall Creek Rd to US 290W
US Hwy 290W Cross Streets Fitzhugh Rd to IH 35S
SH 71E Cross Streets IH 35S to Wolf Ln
Burnet Rd Cross Streets W 40th St to Shoreline Dr
US Hwy 183 North Cross Streets Lakeline Blvd to McNeil Dr/Spicewood Springs Rd
Research Blvd Cross Streets McNeil Dr/Spicewood Springs Rd to N Lamar Blvd
E Anderson Ln Cross Streets N Lamar Blvd to US HWy 290E
Ed Bluestein Blvd Cross Streets US Hwy 290E to Colorado River
Bastrop Hwy Cross Streets Colorado River to SH 71E/ E Ben White Blvd
US Hwy 183 South Cross Streets SH 71 E/ E Ben White Blvd to Laws Rd
Mopac North Cross Streets SH 45N to Research Blvd
Mopac Central Cross Streets Research Blvd to Lake Austin Blvd/ Cesar Chavez St/ W 5th St/ W 6th St
Mopac South Cross Streets Stratford Dr to Sh 45S
North FM 973 Cross Streets FM 1660 to SH 71E
South FM 973 Cross Streets SH 71E to US Hwy 183 S
Lamar Blvd Cross Streets N Howard Ln to Sterns Ln/ US Hwy 290 W
North IH35 Cross Streets SH 45N to US Hwy 290E
Central IH35 Cross Streets US Hwy 290E to Cesar Chavez St
South IH35 Cross Streets E Riverside Dr to SH 45S/ FM 1327
Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Cross Streets N Lamar Blvd to Ed Bluestein Blvd
FM 969 Cross Streets Ed Bluestein Blvd to Blake Manor Rd
Congress Ave Cross Streets MLK Blvd to Slaughter Lane
South 1st St Cross Streets W Cesar Chavez St to W Fm 1626
Manchaca Rd Cross Streets S Lamar Blvd to W Fm 1626
Aliases for 2222 Bullick Hollow Rd, FM 2222, Northland Dr, Allandale Rd, Koenig Ln, US Hwy 290E
Aliases for US Hwy 183 Bell Blvd, US Hwy 183N, Research Blvd, E Anderson Lane, Ed Bluestein Blvd, Bastrop Hwy, US Hwy 183 S
List the Highways in Austin IH35, US183, US 183A, US290E, US290W, SH71E, SH71W, SH45, Sh130, Loop1 (Mopac)
Alias for US 290W Ben White Blvd
Alias for SH 71E E Ben White Blvd
List the Major roadways in Austin Loop 360, FM 620, FM 969, FM 973, Fm 1431, FM 2222, FM 2244
Alias for Loop 360 Capital of Texsa Hwy
Aliases for FM 969 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Webberville Rd
N/S Dividing line for FM 973 Sh 71 East
FM 973 intersects what four highways? US Hwy 290E, SH 130, Sh 71E, US Hwy 183S
Alias for FM 1431 Whitestone Blvd
FM 1431 know for ...? Scenic motorcycle route
Aliases for Dessau Rd FM 685, Dessau Rd, Cameron Rd
Aliases for Parmer Ln Ronald Reagan Blvd, Fm 734
Flyovers along IH35 IH35N/SH45N, IH35N/E Anderson Ln, IH35N/US Hwy 290E, IH35S/E Ben White Blvd, IH35S/SH 45S
Flyovers on Mopac or 360 N Mopac Expy/Sh45N, N Mopac Expy/Research Blvd, N Mopac Expy/ 1st/5th/6th St, S Mopac Expy/US Hwy 290W, W Ben White Blvd/S.Lamar/US 290W/360
Flyovers US Hwy183 US Hwy 183N/SH 45N, Research Blvd/N Mopac Expy, E Anderson Ln/N IH35, E Anderson Ln/US Hwy 290E, US Hwy 183S/SH 45 South
Flyovers on SH130 SH 130N/SH 45N, SH 130N/US Hwy 290E, SH 130S/SH 71E
US Hwy 290E Cross Streets IH 35N to County Line Rd
Created by: em2711