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Latin Collins Unit 9

Ecclesiastical Latin 501 Christendom NDGS

adjuvo, adjuvare, adjuvi, adjutus help
formo, formare, formavi, formatus train, guide, fashion, form
intro, intrare, intravi, intratus enter
satio, satiare, satiavi, satiatus nourish, satisfy
separo, separare, separavi, separatus separate
perhibeo, perhibere, perhibui, perhibitus hold out, afford, produce
video, videre, vidi, visus see, realize
scio, scire, scivi, scitus know
causa, causae purpose, reason
causa (impr prep+gen) for the sake of
cereus, cerei candle
socius, socii companion, ally
mandatum, mandati order, commandment
testimonium, testimonii witness, testimony
vestigium, vestigii footstep
tectum, tecti roof, house
apostolicus, apostolica, apostolicum apostolic
altus, alta, altum high, deep
catholicus, catholica, catholicum universal, catholic
vester, vestra, vestrum your, yours (pl)
autem but, and
certe surely, certainly, at least
diligenter diligently
inter (+acc) between, among
saepe often
statim immediately, at once
sub (+acc) (to a place) under
sub (+abl) (in or at a place) under
vere truly
vere- verily
sub- subterranean
altus- exalt
adjuvo- adjutant
formo- formation
satio- satiate
video- video
scio- science
socius- social
vestigium- vestige
mandatum- mandatory
tectum- detect
inter- international
cereus- cerements
testimonium- testament
laudabo I will praise
fugabis you (s) will chase away
celebrabit she will celebrate
adjuvabimus we will help
formabitis you (pl) will train
intrabunt they will enter
monebo I will warn
habebis you (s) will hold
delebit he will destroy
videbimus we will see
miscebitis you (pl) will mingle
complebunt they will accomplish
satiabor I will be nourished
sanaberis, sanabere you (s) will be healed
confirmabitur she will be strengthened
servabimur we will be preserved
vocabimini you (pl) will be invited
regnabuntur they will be ruled
dicam I will say
bibes you (s) will drink
junget he will unite
ducemus we will lead
agetis you (pl) will do
dirigent they will direct
regar I will be ruled
crederis, credere you (s) will be trusted
erigetur he will be raised up
benedicemur we will be blessed
maledicemini you (pl) will be cursed
tradentur they will be handed down
accipiam I will take
facies you (s) will do
efficiet she will make
capiemus we will receive
recipietis you (pl) will take back
deficient they will vanish
deficiar I will be failed
capieris, capiere you (s) will be taken
accipietur it will be gotten
faciemur we will be done
afficiemini you (pl) will be affected
facientur they will be made
audiam I will hear
scies you (s) will know
veniet he will come
adveniemus we will arrive
exaudietis you (pl) will hear favorably
convenient they will come together
exaudiar I will be heard favorably
invenieris, inveniere you (s) will be found
audietur she will be heard
exaudiemur we will be heard favorably
audiemini you (pl) will be heard
invenientur they will be found
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