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Science Latin Terms2

Latin prefixes 21 -45

uni one unicycle
multi many multicellular
cardio heart cardiology
gen producing photogen
photo- light photosynthesis
nephro- kidney nephritis
myo- muscle myocardial
phage- eater phagocytes
exo- outer, external exoskeleton
gastro- stomach gastropod
-syn- together synchronized
neuro nerve neurologist
herpet reptile herpetology
cyst- pouch cystitis
herb plant herbivore
proto first prototype
plasm forming a substance cytoplasm
odont tooth orthodontist
alb white albumen
-osis disease tuberculosis
pro- before prologue
phase- stage
ventr- belly ventral
eu- good or true eukaryotic
-phyll leaf chlorophyl
Created by: CJoannou