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Science Study Gude

Scientists believe the ____________ were the first animals to exist inn multicellular form. sponges
The whiplike structures sticking out of the sponge called,_____________, direct the current of water through the sponge. flagella
Three phyla of warms: _____________, ____________,and _______________ segmented worms flatworms roundworms
The flatworm has ____ digestive-system opening, the _____________ has two. one roundworms
____________ are segmented worms with a well-developed body system including __________, ____________,and __________________. Earthworms nervous digestive circulatory systems
Scientists believe the ____________ were the first group of animals to live on land and the first to have _______________________. arthropods jointed antennae
Examples of crustaceans are: _________________________. crabs, shrimp, and lobster
Examples of arachnids are: __________________________. spiders, scorpions, and ticks
Animals with backbones are ___________________. All vertebrates have an ________________ with a ___________ and _____________ vertebrates internal skeleton spine spinal cord
The body temperature of a __________________ changes with the surrounding temperature. Example: __________ cold - blooded animal frog
The body temperature of a _____________________ stays the same even if the temperature if their surroundings change. Example: _______. warm - blooded animal dogs
Scientists classify fish into three classes: _____________, have a round mouth, tube like body, single fins, no scsles and a skeleton made of cartilage. Example: __________- jaw less fish lamprey
_______________, have a skeleton made of cartilage, jaws and paired fins. Example:__________ Cartilage fish sharks and rays
_____________, have skeletons made of bones , well-developed sense organs, fins, and scales. Example: _____________________ Bony fish goldfish, tuna, and trout
_____________, ______________, and ___________ are examples of amphibians. Salamanders frogs toads
Warm - blooded animals make up two classes of vertebrates: __________ and _________. birds mammals
Three different types of mammals are ( describe each- in one sentence) Montremes are egg- laying mammals. platypus Marsupials are pouched mammals that give birh to underdeveloped young. kangaroo Placetal mammals develop their young inside the body of a female. Human
Created by: aprilfosterja