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What movement does synarthrosis provide? No movement
Synarthrosis Characteristics fibrous, bony (fusion), or cartilaginous connections may fuse over time Very strong
What are the four types of sutures? Sutures gomphosis synchondrosis synostosis
Suture Skull only Bony fusion Bound by dense fibrous connective tissue
Gomphosis Fibrous Teeth to gums
Synchondrosis rigid cartilaginous bridge between 2 bones: epiphyseal cartilage of long bones between vertebrosternal ribs and sternum
Synostosis Fused bones, immovable metopic suture of skull epiphyseal lines of long bones
What kind of movement does amphiarthrosis little movement
Amphiarthrosis Characteristics fibrous or cartilaginous connections stronger than freely movable joint
What types of amphiarthrosis? Syndesmosis Symphysis
Syndesmosis bones connected by ligaments ankle
Symphysis bones separated by fibrocartilage pubic symphysis
Diarthrosis (synovial joints) Characteristics/movement more movement at ends of long bones within articular capsules
What is within articular cartilages? lined with synovial membrane where syn fluid is found: Lubrication, Nutrient distribution, Shock absorption
What are a accessory structures of synovial joints? Cartilage - cushion Fat pads – protection Ligaments – support Tendons – support, attaches muscles Bursae – cushions where tendons and ligaments rub
Synovial Joint: Gliding Flattened or slightly curved faces Limited motion
Example of gliding? Acromioclavicular and claviculosternal joints, sacroiliac
Synovial Joint: Hinge Angular motion in a single plane
Example of Hinge Elbow joint, knee joint, ankle joint, and interphalangeal joint
Synovial Joint: Pivot Rotation only
Example of pivot? Atlas/axis proximal radioulnar joint
Synovial Joint: Ellipsoidal Oval articular face within a depression Motion in 2 planes (biaxial)
Ellipsoidal Radiocarpal joint metacarpophalangeal joint 2-5 Metatarsophalangeal joint
Synovial Joint: Saddle 2 concave faces, straddled
Example of saddle first carpometacarpal joint
Synovial Joint: Ball-and-sockets rounded articular face in depression
Examples of ball-and-socket joints? shoulder joint hip joint
Intervertebral discs pads of fibrocartilage separate vertebral bodies
Where does the vertebrae articulate? (c2 to L5) at inferior and superior articular processes (gliding joints) between adjacent vertebral bodies (symphyseal joints)
What is another name for Shoulder Joint aka glenohumeral joint:
What does the shoulder joint do? allows more motion than any other joint is the least stable supported by skeletal muscles, tendons, ligaments
An example of shoulder joint ball and socket diathrosis
what is Elbow Joint A stable hinge joint
What is the articulations of the elbow joint With articulations between humerus, radius, and ulna
Elbow joint: Humeroulnar joint: trochlea of humerus and trochlear notch of ulna limited movement
Elbow joint: Humeroradial joint: smaller articulation capitulum of humerus and head of radius
What is a hip joint also known as coxal joint
What is a hip joint? Strong ball-and-socket diarthrosis Wide range of motion Head of femur fits in it Socket of acetabulum Which is extended by fibrocartilage acetabular labrum
What is a knee joint> A complicated hinge joint Transfers weight from femur to tibia
What is the articulations of the knee joint 2 femur–tibia articulations: at medial and lateral condyles 1 between patella and patellar surface of femur
Knee joint: Medial and lateral menisci fibrocartilage pads at femur–tibia articulations cushion and stabilize joint give lateral support
Rheumatism A pain and stiffness of skeletal and muscular systems
Arthritis - All forms of rheumatism that damage articular cartilages of synovial joints
Arthritis - Osteoarthritis Caused by wear and tear of joint surfaces, or genetic factors affecting collagen formation, generally in people over age 60
Arthritis - Rheumatoid Arthritis- inflammatory condition, caused by infection, allergy, or autoimmune disease, involves the immune system, any age
Arthritis - Gouty Arthritis Occurs when crystals (uric acid or calcium salts) form within synovial fluid due to metabolic disorders
Examples of gliding joints Acromioclavicular and claviculosternal joints intercarpal/tarsal joints vertebrocostal joints sacroiliac joints
Examples of hinge joints elbow joint knee joint ankle joint interphalangeal joint
Examples of pivot joints Atlas/axis proximal radioulnar joint
examples of ellipsoidal radiocarpal joint metacarpophalangeal joints 2-5 metatarsophalangeal joint
examples of saddle joint first carpometacarpal joint
Examples of ball and socket joints Shoulder joint and hip joint
Movement of saddle biaxial
movement of ball and socket triaxial
movement of ellipsoidal joint biaxial
movement of pivot monoaxial
movement of hinge monoaxial
movement of gliding multiaxial or slight nonaxial
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