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Latin Derivatives

Nomenclature System of naming things
Altercation When one is against another in a conflict
Estivate Spending one's summer
Arboreal Related to trees
Ignominious Bad for one's name
Arboretum A place where trees are
Alter ego A second I, another self
Alter vitae Tree of life
Circumambulation Walking around something
Vicinage Neighborhood
Circumscribe Write around
Superscript Small number or letter above another text
Lector A reader, mostly in public
Cohabitation The act of living together
Inaudible Not able to be heard
Dormitory A place to sleep, like a dorm room
Dormouse A Roman delicacy, a rodent that lives in trees
Sempiternal Everlasting
Virile Manly
Vociferous Full of voice, carrying of voice
Sylvan Characteristics of woods, forest
Deride To mock, laugh at
Horticulture The act of gardening
Deciduous Those whose leaves fall
Puerile Acting childish
Soliloquy When one speaks to themselves
Derision The act of mocking
Recidivist To fall back upon old ways
Risible Capable of being amused
Pennsylvania Penn's woods, William Penn
Solipsism The belief that everything else is not real, you are the only real thing
Solifidian Salvation comes from faith alone
Semper idem Always the same
Auxiliary Helping, lending assistance
Petition A document asking for change
Abberation A wandering from normal
Odoriferous A (stinky) smell that carries
Timorous Frightful, easily scared
Advent Arrival, advent calendar
Petulant Sassy, eagerly seeking
Volition Will, wish, on own will
Aquifer To carry, bring water
Coniferous Tree that bears a cone
Propinquity Nearness or closeness
Calid Warm or hot
Ancillary Helping, helpful
Terra Cotta Cooked earth
Expatriate Exiled, process of losing citizenship
Precocious Precooked or cooked in advance
Lanolin An oil released from wool that is used in medicines for healing
Omnipotent All powerful
Irreprehensible Capable of being blamed, actions can't be forgiven
Retraction Taking something back
Docent A paid volunteer lecturer or speaker
Lucid Clear
Amiable Like able or friendly
Adjutant Someone that helps another
Patronymic Tells us who the father is
Matricide Killing ones father
Reprehend To blame or scold
Pellucid Assimilation, translucent or light shines through
Curator One who looks after something
Amorous Full of love, affectionate
Salutation A greeting
Epistulary Related to letters or pertaining to letters
Circumduction To lead in a circle, around
Deduce Make a conclusion based on facts
Tradition Passed down to another
Urbane Cultured, civilized, sophisticated, not rustic
Revocable Can be undone, called back
Salutatory Expresses a greeting or pertaining to greeting
Traitor One who hands over information to another side or betrays his own people
Abduction Taking someone or something by force
Convene To come together
Epistle A letter sometimes religious
Extemporaneous In prompt to, off the cuff, not planned
Agenda List of things that must be done
Celerity Quickness or swiftness
Cubicle Small square like space
Excite To rouse or wake up
Temporal Of or pertaining to time
Excitation The act of waking up
Alibi An excuse, other place or event you were at while something else was happening
Nullify To nigate or make nothing of
Lachrymose Something that is sad, mournful, tearful
Missile A projectile that is sent
Nescient To not know
Tenacity To persist or endure things
Reticence Silence or no noise
Promissory Expresses a legally binding promise
Tacit Quiet or unspoken
Ambivalence Uncommitted, indifference
Permanent Something that remains or stays, lasting
Valedictorian Smartest person, someone who bids or says farewell
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