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7th Science Part 6

Malia Faith Nelson-A Beka Book- Chapter 3- Your Wonderful Body

Hormones The chemical substances responsible for controlling many automatic activities of your body including growth and digestion.
Hormones are produced in very small quantities by the glands of the _________ ______. Endocrine system
Secrete To form and release
Gland Structures that secretes a chemical substance
Endocrine glands The glands of your endocrine system
Each type of hormone __________ or _______ the activities of only one specific _____ or group of ______. Stimulates, hinders, organ, organs
Pituitary gland Often called the "master gland" because its hormones control the action of other endocrine glands
Thyroid gland Located in the front of the neck, below the larynx
Thyroxine A hormone that regulates the body's metabolism
Parathyroid glands Work with the thyroid gland to control the amount of calcium in the blood
Adrenal glands Sit like caps at the top of your kidney
The inner part of the adrenal gland produces the hormone ___________ Epinephrine (commonly called adrenaline)
Islets of Langerhans Clusters of endocrine glands
Islets of Langerhans produces which two hormones? Insulin and glucagon
Diabetes mellitus A disease cause when not enough insulin is produced or when the body doesn't respond properly to it.
Pineal gland Serves as your body's clock
Reproductive system The body system responsible for producing new human beings
Gonads The two ovaries in women and the two testes in men
Eggs The female reproductive cells
Sperm The male reproductive
Created by: nelsonclan