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7th Science Part 5

Malia Faith Nelson-A Beka Book- Chapter 3- Your Wonderful Body

Muscular system Responsible for producing the movements of your body
About ___ of your body weight is ______. Half, muscle
Skeletal muscles Muscles that you directly control with a conscious mind
Tendons Tough, cordlike things that attach skeletal muscles to the bones of the skeletal system
Muscles are like ropes they can ____, but they never ____. pull, push
Origin Anchors one side of a skeletal muscle
Insertion Attaches the other side of the skeletal muscle.
The __________ is always pulled ______ the origin. Insertion, organ
Involuntary muscles Do their work whether you think about them or not; they are vital to your body
Nervous system Coordinates the activities of your body
What are the two major divisions of your brain? Central nervous system and peripheral nervous system
Central nervous system The brain and the spinal cord
Peripheral nervous system Composed of nerves and nerve tissues called ganglia
Nerves Bundles of fibers that connect the central nerbous system with the rest of the body
Nerves transmit information through your body as electrochemical messages called ________. Impulses
________ travel to and from the central nervous system allowing the _____ and ______ ____ to control all your other body systems. Impulses, brain, spinal cord
Brain Chief organ of the nervous system and consists of the cerebrum, the cerebellum, and the brain stem.
Cerebrum Largest part of the brain and controls conscious though and reason
The cerebrum is divided into two halves or ___________. Hemispheres
Cerebellum Responsible for balance and skeletal muscle coordination. Coordinates activities like walking writing speaking and riding a bike.
Brain stem Connects the rest of the brain to spinal cord
Spinal cord Controls simple reflexes and transmits impulses from the brain to the peripheral nervous system
Sensory nerve fivers Transmits information to the brain and the spinal cord
Motor nerve fibers transmit messages form the central nervous system to the muscles and other organs
Sensory receptors Special nerve endings that detect conditions around you.
Created by: nelsonclan