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Ancient Greece

Vocabulary and Facts

Direct Democracy A form of democracy in which all citizens can participate firsthand in the decisions making process
Polis A Greek city-state
City-state A city that governs itself and its surrounding areas
Aegean Sea Sea located east of Greece
Mediterranean Sea Sea located south of Greece
Tyrant A cruel ruler with no legal limits on power
Homer Famous Greek blind poet who wrote the Illiad
Pericles Greek leader during the Golden Age
peninsula piece of land surrounded by three sides of water
Peloponnesus a peninsula connected to a narrow strip of land in southern Greece
Golden Age of Greece A period in Greek society marked by great achievements
Mt. Olympus Mountain in Greece where gods/goddesses were believed to have lived
Agora A gathering place in Ancient Greece
Democracy a government ruled by the people
Philosopher A person who searches for wisdom. Socrates, Aristotle, Plato
Parthenon Athenian temple built to honor the goddess Athena. Architecture used today in the U.S. and the Supreme Count
Acropolis Fortress on a hill in the center of Greece
myth a traditional story that explains a cultures belief in the natural world
colony a group of people living in a new place
Aristocrat Describes the "best" people
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