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FOSS planes

Foss plane experiment

what is the definition of system? A set of objects that are working together
who were the Wright Brothers the first people to fly
Who was Chuck Yeager? First to break sound barrier
who was Bessie Coleman The first african american woman to get a pilot's liscence
Who was William Boeing He found first aerospace company in the world
What is the relationship between the # of winds and the distance the FOSS plane will travel As the # of winds increased, the distance the plane traveled increased
what is the relationship between the mass of the FOSS plane and the distance it traveled As the mass increased, the distance it traveled decreased
What is the relationship between the # of rubber bands on the FOSS plane and the distance it traveled As the # of bands increased, the distance increased
List the variables that affected the FOSS plane's flight and distance it traveled 1.weight of plane 2.# of winds 3.# of rubber bands 4 condition of line
what give planes its lift 1.the speed 2.its wings 3. its propllers
what factors need to be considered when designing an air plane 1 stream-lined body 2 size of engine 3 lenght/tilt of wings 4 weight of planes
what is a rudder controls direction of flight
what is an elevator controls the motion up or down
what is an aileron it controls banking of plane
what are the parts of the FOSS plane system -2 popsicle sticks -1 jumbo straw - 2 regular sized straws - fishing line - rubber band - duct tape - hook - propeller - fingers - chairs
Created by: tigershark