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The Outsiders

The entire book on the Outsiders: Study Guide

Mr.Syme (3) - Was Ponyboy's English teacher. - Ponyboy has to write an essay so he can pass his class. - Pony writes his theme that people shouldn't be judged by their appearance
Randy Adderson (4) - Is a soc - His girlfriend is Marcia - His best friend is Bob - Randy was impressed from Pony and Johnny running in the church fire to help save the children
Why wasn't Randy Adderson going to participate in the rumble? (2) - He thinks it is pointless - He is sick of fighting
Paul Holden (2) - Old friend of Darry's - Was the best halfback on Darry's football team in highschool
How does Dally remain the same? (3) - He is a static character - Remains a hoodlum - Remains still tough and hard
Why shouldn't Cherry visit Johnny? (1) - It would be too emotional for her
Brumly (2) - Suburb east side - Where the Brumly boys came from
Windrixville (2) - Where the church is located - Town where Johnny and Pony go to hide after they (Johnny) kills Bob
DX (1) - Gas station where Steve and Soda work
Vacant lot (3) - Where Johnny and Pony had fell asleep once - Rumble - Dally gets shot by the police and dies
The Curtis Home (2) - Greasers hung out/gathered - Got ready for the rumble here
Conflict between Greasers and Socs (5) - Socs had money - Greasers were looked down at as dirt (to Socs) - Socs were elite group - Greasers were emotional and hardworking - Socs were always starting trouble with the Greasers
Ponyboy realizes about Greasers and Socs (2) - They are similar - Fighting is useless
Johnny kills Bob(3) - In the vacant lot Pony and Johnny were jumped by the Greasers -Ponyboy is drowned in the fountain - Johnny kills Bob for self-defense
Tragic fire (2) - The church catches fire so Johnny, Ponyboy, and Dally help to save the kids - Johnny breaks his back from roof falling on his back - Pony's back lights on fire and Dally hits him so hard, he is knocked out unconcious
Johnny and Pony hide in the church (4) - After killing Bob in the park, Johnny and Pony run here - Dally tells them to do this - Pony and Johnny give themselves haircuts; Pony bleaches his hair -They read "Gone with the Wind" and play cars
Rumble between Greasers and Socs (4) - Tim Sheppard's gang and Pony's gang fight against the Socs - Darry is the one who starts the battle by stepping forward for anyone to challenge him - Dally arrives and the rumble begins - Greasers win - Pony passes out from exhaustion
Johnny's death (4) - Dies from the church fire - Tells Dally that fighting with the Socs is useless - Tells Ponyboy "stay gold Ponyboy. Stay gold" - Johnny dies and Dally runs frantically out of the room
Dally's death (2) - Johnny was the only thing Johnny loved so Dally committed suicide - He wanted the gang to see that it was his choice and that he was angry, broken, and hurt - Runs in the vacant lots and gang watches him die
Pony's realization (2) - Pony can do more than "stay gold himself", he can write about it and let the world know - He realized that many boys his age hate the world and feel they must be tough
Curtis boys' favorite breakfast (1) - Chocolate cake
Who drove T-Bird (1) Buck Merril
Who drove Blue mustang (1) Randy
Who drove Corvette (1) Cherry Valance
What does "stay gold" mean (7) - Stay young (innocent) - Stay smart and hopeful - Stay optimistic - Enjoy the beauty of the world - Do not become hardened and hide from it like Dally had - Experience life - You have time to do something with your life
Explain Johnny's letter to Ponyboy (2) - Johnny was happy to help the kids during the church fire - He wanted Ponyboy to stay gold (keep watching sunsets and staying happy)
Why does Pony write about the Greasers and Socials (3) - Greasers are misunderstood by there appearance -Pony thinks many boys at this age hate the world and they feel they must be tough and violent - Someone should show them the good in the world and help them before it's too late
Created by: Sarahhh11
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