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Technical Comp 101

Study Guide Chapter 8

Synthetic Of, pertaining to, proceeding by, or involving synthesis (opposed to analytic )
Obsession The domination of one's thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, etc.
Contaminates To make impure or unsuitable by contact or mixture with something unclean, bad
Compelled To force or drive, especially to a course of action
Dismissed To direct (an assembly of persons) to disperse or go
Unattainable Capable of being attained.
Radical Thoroughgoing or extreme, especially as regards change from accepted or traditional forms:
Flaunt To parade or display oneself conspicuously, defiantly, or boldly.
Supplemental Added to furnish what is lacking or missing.
Endurance The ability or strength to continue or last, especially despite fatigue, stress, or other adverse conditions; stamina
Retrain To train again, especially for a different vocation or different tasks.
Infectious Communicable by infection, as from one person to another or from one part of the body to another
Prone Having a natural inclination or tendency to something; disposed; liable
Competitive Having a strong desire to compete or to succeed
Vigorous Energetic; forceful
Diminished To make or cause to seem smaller, less, less important, etc.; lessen; reduce.
Reservations The act of keeping back, withholding, or setting apart
Amateur A person inexperienced or unskilled in a particular activity
Recounts To count again.
Collision The act of colliding; a coming violently into contact; crash
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