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Chapter 4

Grade 5 Life Science- Animal Growth and Heredity

the stages that a living thing passes through as it grows and changes life cycle
the process by which most cells divide mitosis
a threadlike structure in the nucleus, made up of DNA chromosome
When an egg turns into a caterpillar, then into a pupa, and then finally into a moth life cycle
Growing new skin after being scraped or burned regeneration
During mitosis, what is the first action completed by the chromosomes? duplicate, double, or copy
During mitosis what is the second action of the chromosomes? separate
As a result of meiosis, gametes are formed with how many chromosomes as the body cell originally had? half
Most body cells divide and produce what type of copy? exact
a characteristic passed from parents to their offspring inherited trait
a trait that appears even if an organism has only one factor for the trait dominant trait
the part of a chromosome that contains the DNA code for an inherited trait gene
An arctic fox has white fur in winter to help it survive. What is that an example of? adaptation
Adam can roll his tongue. His brother Lee cannot. Why? Adam has a dominant factor for tongue rolling
a behavior that an organism inherits instinct
a behavior that an animal acquires through experience learned behavior
all the living and nonliving things that surround and affect an organism environment
What is a cat spending more time sleeping than being awake an example of? instinct
If an animal’s home was destroyed by a wildfire. What factor has changed that may cause it to need to find a new place to live? environment
A mouse is sent through a maze to find a food treat three times. The mouse is slow through the maze at first but by the end the mouse heads straight to the food. How does the mouse use both instinct and learned behavior to run through the maze? The instinct to eat makes the mouse search through the maze to find the food. Practice helps it to learn how to find the food more quickly each time it runs the maze.
Created by: KAUELIGHT