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Phi Sigma Pi People

Review PSP history!

A brother of Alpha Chapter, she was the first woman to be inducted as a Collegiate Member. Laura Abney
Historical documents uncovered by Kappa Chapter and the National Office in 2008 revealed that this woman was inducted as a Member of Phi Sigma Pi in 1945, 32 years prior to the passage of Title IX. Helen Wilson
She was the first woman to be inducted as an honorary Brother, following Title IX. Clauda Pennock Todd
A Brother of Alpha Epsilon Chapter, she serves as National Secretary and Interim VP of Chapter Development in addition to being the first woman elected to serve as National President. Tammy A. Mleziva
Inducted as an honorary Brother by Alpha Alpha Chapter, she was the first woman to be elected to National Council in the position of National Historian. Anita P. Davis
A founder, he was President of State Teachers College- Warrensburg. Also known as “Alpha 1,” he served as Central Regional Director for several years. Eldo L .Hendricks
A founder, he was Dean of Faculty at State Teachers College- Warrensburg. He made significant contributions to the field of teacher education. Claude A. Phillips
A founder, he headed the History Department at State Teachers College- Warrensburg. He served as both National Counselor and Vice President; was responsible for the founding of Beta Chapter. C. H. McClure
Elected President in 1928, he is credited with galvanizing the National Officers into a cohesive unit; promoting Phi sigma Pi nationally; and bringing Phi Sigma Pi into the Professional Inter-fraternity Conference. Rolla R. Wood
Respectively elected as President and Nationally Secretary in 1930, their tenure saw the number of chapters double in size from seven to fifteen, eight of which were at PA schools. Walter P. Percival and Clarence O. Williams
They wrote the words and music to Brothers Are We, in collaboration with the Music department at Mansfield State Teachers College, now know as Mansfield University of PA (Theta Chapter) ((WHOOT WHOOT)) Edward Ingraham and Charles Darrin
An Associate of Professor of Education at Millersville University, his alma mater, for the majority of his professional career, he served as National Secretary/Treasurer for naerly 20 years. Joseph M. torchia
Known for devotion to the Fraternity as well as his many students at East Carolina University and Millersville University of PA, where he taught history, he holds the distinction of serving in five positions over the course of 25 plus years. Richard C Todd.
One of many National leaders that emerges in the 1980s to help the Fraternity grow, he served as National Secretary/Treasurer; Vice President of Membership Development and National President. Steven A. DiGuiseppe
Under his leadership and vision, the National organization nearly tripled in size; evolved to include a full-time professional staff; and eventually, erected a permanent National Headquarters building. Jeffery L. Johnson
A Brother of Tau Chapter, he was the first recipient of Todd Tripod Scholarship. He served as VP of Membership Development and VP of Alumni Development and continues to serve as faculty member and Chapter advisor at East Carolina University. David L. Batts
An Alumnus of Alpha Rho Chapter, he wrote the music to Brother in 1996. Having been invited to perform and share the song at multiple chapter events, the Grand Chapter chose to designate Brother as an official fraternal song in 2001. Thomas “Ted” Daniels
The Phi Sigma Pi Foundation was created by this former National Council Member and alpha Phi Alumna in 2004. She was the first President of the Board of Directors of the Foundation. Carlye Buchanan
The highest honor an individual Brother in Phi Sigma Pi may receive. It is bestowed by a unanimous vote of the National Council for outstanding service to the National Fraternity. Distinguished service key
National president  Matthew Nicoletta
Senior VP Erik “Duff” Walschburger
National Secretary  Natalie Mikkelson
Vp of finance Sarah Cantwell
Vp of chapter development Christopher McCoy
Vp of membership development Brian Bunton
VP of alumni development Ryan Alexander
Vp of philanthropy Patrick Herron
Be able to State at least 5 chapter with in our region (Central PA Region). This is split into two cards Alpha Pi- Penn State Alpha Zeta- York College of Pennsylvania Beta Eta- Lock Haven University Iota- Bloomsburg University
Be able to State at least 5 chapter with in our region (Central PA Region). This is split into two cards Omicron- Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania Sigma- Millersville University Theta- Mansfield University Zeta Beta- Franklin & Marshall College
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