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Latin II Test V

Vocabulary for Latina Christiana II, Test V

EnglishLatin with Gender
heart cor, cordis, n.
song carmen, carminis, n.
on all sides undique
lake, pit lacus, us, m.
midday meridies, ei, m.
true verus, a, um
glad, happy laetus, a, um
face facies, ei, f.
mouth os, oris, n.
journey iter, itineris, n.
sea mare, maris, n.
fountain fons, fontis, n.
at once, immediately statim
attack impetus, us, m.
battle line acies, ei, f.
blessed beatus, a, um
white albus, a, um
army exercitus, us, m.
however autem
work, deed opus, operis, n.
Day of Wrath Dies Irae
O the times, O the customs O tempora, O mores
Thanks be to God Deo gratias
O excellent protector of the sheep, the wolf. O praeclarum custodem ovium lupum
Even one hair has a shadow Etiam capillus unus habet umbram.
lamb agnus, i, m.
much, many multus, a, um
countryside rus, ruris, n.
soldier miles, militis, m.
eager, desirous cupidus, a, um
poet poeta, ae, m.
love amo
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