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nutrition chapter 30 and 31

Culture may affect a way a person thinks, feels and behaves. it influences eating habits
Is the process that occurs as individuals adopt the beliefs, values,attitudes, and behaviors of the dominant cultures. acculturation
A client that eats fried foods and fats may be predisposed to atherosclerosis, gallbladder disease, obesity
What ethnicity may believe in hot and cold foods Latino Americans
Which ethnicity eats staple rice and bean combination and consumes starchy tubers and tropical fruits. Black Americans from the Caribbean
which ethnicity drinks little milk, which may cause _______. Cubans and calcium deficiency
A Chinese diet is low in ___________ and high in ___________ low in fat and high in starch
this ethnicity diet consist mostly of poultry and cheaper cuts of pork, and beef used rarely. fermented fish rice Vietnamese Americans
Which ethnicity does not eat sour foods during menses, pregnancy, and right after giving birth Puerto Rican
Which religion prepares food for the sabbath ahead of time. Jewish and seventh day Adventist
what are some benefits of a vegetarian diet. lower coronary disease, HTN, Non- Insulin diabetes, and obesity.
What are some foods high in Vitamin B12 breakfast cereal, nutritional yeast, soy beverages
List some guidelines to provide a social involvement for clients during meals visit with client, allow tow clients to eat together, turn tv on, allow family to visit at mealtime,, common lounge for all to eat
List the four types of vegetarian diets Vegans, lac to-vegetarians, ova-vegetarians, Lacto-ovo vegetarians
Consists of plant foods, plus dairy products lacto- vegetarians
Consist of diet that they eat only plant foods, plus eggs ovo- vegetarians
A diet that consist of plant food, dairy, and eggs Lacto-ove-vegetarians
A diet that consist of exclusion of all animal products from their diet Vegans
Which religion does not allow any stimulants and alcohol Mormons
Which ethnicity that does the person eat a bite of bread with every mouthful of food Middle Eastern Americans
This ethnicity uses food often as a gift and to express appreciation. Filipino
Which religion does not eat pork products, rabbit, shellfish and scavenger fish Orthodox Jew
Which religion practices and adheres strictly to dietary laws. They use Kosher Orthodox Jews
Describe what a Kosher diet is eat from separate dishes, pans and silverware, meat and dairy not eaten at the same time. a ritual for slaughtering the meat and allowed to eat only the front quarter of the animal
This religion does not eat pork and they do not drink alcoholic beverages. Islam (Muslims)
This religion practices lacto-ovo vegetarians Seventh day Adventist
This religion believes that all life forms are sacred because they may be a reincarnation of an ancestor and the do not use alcohol and most practice lacto-ovo vegetarians. Hindu
Can high temperatures destroy vitamins YES
A tortilla that is treated with lime water is healthier. true or false true
According to the text, which is not a serious complication of an unguarded dietary intake? malnutrition
List some criteria that the nurse will review with a client that is looking for a diet plan. promotes snacks between meals, no more than a one or two weight loss per week, no pills or potions. eat from the my plate regimen
What kind of general supply of nutrients would you find in a Chinese American diet? low in fat, high in starch
What information would be helpful when talking to a group of clients about milk and milk products. use fat free or low fat milk on cereal,oatmeal or fruit salads and use reduced or low fat cheese options, you would gradually decrease from whole milk to low fat milk.
List some conditions that may occur in African American client's HTN, Obesity, DM and HEART DISEASE
Created by: rosegraffagnini
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