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Science Study- H.L.S

Science Exam Study- Heat, light, sound energy

What are three types of energy? 1)Light 2)Heat 3)Sound
How does light travel? A) light travels in a straight line.
What are bioluminescent creature? A) Amimals that produce their oun light. eg; fireflies, anglerfish etc.
How does reflection occur? A) Relfection occurs when light bounces off a surface.
What is the name given to objects that generate light and heat? A) Incandessent. eg; light globes etc
With out what can sound not travel with out? A) Air
How is sound produced? A) through creating vibrations and pasing them through the air.
Which travels faster Light or sound? A) Light travels faster than sound?
Why do we hear sound? A) Because somthing as caused our ear drums to vibrate.
Sound travels at how many metres persecond at 20oc A) 343 metres.
Heat energy can increases the a)temperature, b)length, c) weight, of a substance. A) Temperature
How does heat travel? Give the three ways A) Conduction, Convection, Radiation.
What Is conduction? A) conduction occurs when partical pass on the vibrations along (eg: metal rod).
What is Covection? A) This involes Gases and Water.
List Five good heat conductors. A) 1.Steel 2.cooper 3.gold 4.water 5. Air.
'Hot Air Rises' True or false? A) True
Created by: Jess Armstrong