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Science 7th Part 2

Chapter 3- Your Wonderful Body- A Beka Book- Science Order and Design- Malia N.

Excretory system Excretes wastes from your body
Excrete Remove
Urinary system Removes liquid and soluble waste products from the body
What are the organs that form the urinary system? Kidney, ureters, bladder, and uthera
Kidney Bean-shaped organs that contain a compact system of very small tube. These tubes filter waste products and excess water from your blood and transfers them to the urters
Ureters Connect the kidneys to the bladder
Bladder Stores the liquid waste, called urine, until it is eliminated through the urethra
Urethra The canal that discharges urine from the body
Lymphatic system This system's function is to circulate certain body fluids and protect your body from disease
Tissue fluid Surrounds every cell in your body and helps your cells stay clean and maintain the right water balance
Lymph What tissue fluid is called after it cleans the cells
Lymph is transported only ___ ___. One way. Lymph does not circulate as blood does. The lymph depends solely on your muscle contractions to push it from one location to another.
Lymph nodes Enlarged bundles of lymphatic tissue that clean lymph of debris and microorganisms before sending the lymph back into the blood
Pathogens Disease causing organisms
Tonsils and adenois Accumulation of lymphatic tissue that prevent pathogens from entering your body through your throat
Spleen The largest lymphatic organ
The main jobs of the spleen are to ______ ___ and _______ of dead cells and microbes in the blood and serve as a ______ ____ for blood. Filter out, dispose, storage tank
Immune system The system of defense that fights invading microorganisms
White blood cells Attack invaders
Neutrophils Execute the bodies initial attack
Macrophages "big eaters" These move in after the neutrophils to combat the missed enemies and to clean up after the battle
Phagocytes "eater cells" Phagocytes contribute the most in battles against pathogens
Antibodies Produced by B cells which are activated by helper T cells
Created by: nelsonclan