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Study Astronomy :)

6th grade astronomy :)

What planet has the hottest surface? Venus
Which tides are the highest? Spring tides
Which planet is the only one with liquid water? Earth
Which is the 4th phase of the moon starting with new moon? Waxing Gibbus
Which Planet is the bluest? Neptune
What group of planets are the smallest? The inner planets
What phase of the moon is it when the sun is on the opposite side of the Earth then the moon? Full moon
How many moons does Venus have None
Which planet has the most rings? Saturn
What are Saturn's rings made of? Ice chunks and frozen rocks
How far is Jupiter from the sun in AU's? 5.2 AU's
How far is Earth from the sun in AU's? 1 AU
How far is Uranus from the sun in AU's? 19.19 AU
What does AU stand for? Astronomical unit
How long is an AU 150 million km
What form of measurement is used for astronomy? The metric system
How many Earth years is one Neptunian year? 165 Earth years (60,190 Earth days)
Is Mercury bigger or smaller then Earth's moon? Mercury is slightly bigger
What are the names of Mars' 2 moons? Phobos and Deimos
What are Uranus' moons named after? The works of Alexander Pope and William Shakespeare
What is Uranus' atmosphere mostly consisting of? Hydrogen and helium
What is the only spacecraft to visit Uranus? Voyager 2
What is the 2nd inner planet? Venus
What is the 7th phase of the moon starting with new moon? 3rd quarter/ last quarter
Which phase could be a solar eclipse? New moon
Which phase could be a lunar eclipse? Full moon
What phase causes spring tides? The full moon and the new moon
What phase causes neap tides? The first quarter and the last quarter/3rd quarter
What is a maria? A basaltic plain on Earth's moon created by ancient volcanos
EPIC QUESTION: Phobos and Deimos are the gods of what in Greek mythology? Phobos=god of fear Deimos=god of dread
What is the answer to question 2? Life! *does a grumpy cat face*
What gender is Grumpy cat? A girl
Meow meow meow meow meow? Woof.
What are pink fluffy unicorns doing? Dancing on rainbows
What is your name? Cheese squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee mc grumpy nyan cat
Created by: PandaMia