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Cook Science Test

Mr. Navi's science test questions

If the theory of spontaneous generation were true, it might be possible for living things to come from non-living things
An organism that does not ingest food is a producer
The process by which living things take in oxygen and use it to help produce energy is called resperation
An action of an organism due to a change in its surroundings is called a responce
A type of reproduction that requires two parents is called sexual reproduction
All living things get energy either directly or indirectly from the Hydrogen Fusion :) but you want me to put the SUN!
A substance that makes up a large part of your body and helps transport materials within it is blood or water
Animals whose body temperatures change with changes in the temperature of their environment are called cold blooded
Which of the following is not a basic need of all living things? I answer with a question where is the following?
All the chemical activities in an organism are called matisbolism
Organic compounds contain the element CARBON! :) that ones in my notes :)
The main source of energy for the human body is carbohydrates
Which of the following are living things not able to do? Again, where are the following? :)
In order to live, all plants and animals need water
The process by which food is broken down into simpler substances is digestion
A signal that causes an organism to react is known as a stimulis
A special type of protein that controls chemical activity in the body is a enzymes
In organisms, oxygen combines with the products of digestion to produce energy
A nucleic acid that "carries" instructions on how to build protein is DNA
The idea that life could spring from nonliving matter is known as spontaneous generation
Proteins are broken down inside the body into a sugar called glucose. True
Characteristics of all living things are movement, growth, reproduction, response, and metabolism. True
The building blocks of fats are amino acids. False
Secretion is the removal of waste products from an organism False
The ringing of an alarm clock in the morning is an example of a stimulus. True
Unicellular organisms contain many cells. False
Francisco Redi proved that the theory of spontaneous generation was true False
Nonliving things need energy to survive. False
Only living things are made up of carbon. False
An animal needs living space to survive. True
All the chemical activities within a living thing are called its metabolism
An organism's ____ is the greatest length of time that it can be expected to live. life span
Compounds that always contain the element carbon are called ______ compounds. organic
The theory that states that life can spring from nonliving matter is called ______ generation. spontanious
Green plants produce food in a process called ____. photosynthisis
Two or more elements chemically form a _____ . compound
Plants obtain their energy from the _____ . sun
Animals that maintain a constant body temperature are called ___ animals. warm blooded
The nucleic acid that stores the information needed to build proteins is _______ . DNA
Created by: Skyloft Link