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Johnny Tremain

Vocabulary 5-8

discomfiture defeat in plans or hopes; frustration. Johnny has discomfiture when he can’t use his hand well.
fagot bundle of sticks or twigs tied together for fuel. Johnny brought the fagot over for fuel.
revel take great pleasure in. Jonny has revel when he delivers papers to the people of the town.
imperturbable not easily excited or disturbed; calm. Rab is a imperturbable guy most of the time.
obdurate stubborn or unyielding; hardened in feelings or heart. He was obdurate person not to go to the store.
pullet a young hen. Johnny just caught that pullet with his bad hand.
persevere continue steadily in doing something hard; stick to a purpose. The boy had persevered through his homework.
sedition incitement to discontent or rebellion, usually against a government. Johnny had sedition on the British.
commandeer seize private property for military or public use. All the houses were commandeered by the British.
genealogy descent of a person or family from an ancestor; pedigree; lineage. Johnny traced his genealogy back six years.
pique a feeling of anger at being slighted; wounded pride. The boys were pique after they lost the battle.
paroxysm a sudden outburst of emotion or activity. Rab has little moments of paroxysm in his life.
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