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CH2_02.03 HealthFit


shuō To speak; to say; to talk
今晚 jīnwǎn Tonight
运动员 yùndòng yuán Player; athlete
锻炼身体 duànliàn shēntǐ To exercise
强壮 qiáng zhuàng Strong
受伤 shòu shāng To injure
脚踝 jiǎo huái Ankle
糟糕 zāogāo Terrible
继续 jìxù To continue
应该 yīnggāi Should
天天 tiāntiān Everyday
注意 zhùyì To pay attention to
身体健康 shēntǐ jiànkāng Bodily health
重要 zhòngyào Important
公园 gōngyuán Park
打太极拳 dǎ tàijíquán To practice Tai Chi
开始 kāishǐ To begin
放学 fàngxué To end school for the day
练功夫 liàn gōngfu To practice kung fu
有名 yǒumíng Famous
家里人 jiā lǐrén People in the family
少林寺 sháolín sì Shaolin Monastery
跑步 pǎobù To run
喝水 hē shuǐ To drink water
duō Many
同意 tóngyì Agree
每天 Mĕitiān Everyday
好看 hăo kàn Good to read; good looking
Created by: Wcramer
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