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A 38-year old patient who has been experiencing severe depression for the past 6 months is now actively contemplating suicide. Which of the following "types" of symptoms would the suicidal thoughts be classified? psychological symptoms
What defense mechanism is used a great deal by patients with a paranoid personality disorder? projection
He has no delusions but is reacting to visual hallucinations. His affect is flat, thought process reveals blocking. He has deficits in short and long-term memory and confabulates when answering questions. lewy body dementia
La belle indifference" and "glove anesthesia" are two terms that bring to mind the diagnosis of conversion
A pervasive pattern of instability in interpersonal relationships, self-images, affects, and control over impulses," is a synopsis of what personality disorder? borderline
Which of the following classes of medications is considered first-line for the treatment of panic disorder? SSRIs
Which of the following is indicated as a first-line medication for the long term treatment of schizophrenia? quetiepine (Seroquel)
The most common side effect caused by ECT is memory loss
The group of Personality disorders that include Depression are classified under which of the following clusters? cluster B
Delirium and dementia_________ occur together. fairly often
Apathy and alogia are classified as what kind of symptoms of schizophrenia? negative
In what region of the brain are cerebrovascular lesions most likely to cause post-event depressive symptoms? temporal
A patient who has been taking typical antipsychotic drugs for about ten years begins to develop some involuntary, circumoral, twitchy movements. He is likely beginning to suffer from tardive dyskinesia
serotonin syndrome treatment supportive care with fluids and antipyretics
What class of medications has been found most beneficial in the treatment of alcoholism not associated with a concomitant psychiatric illness? benzos
You have a patient for whom you have prescribed a drug that is usually effective. After a month has passed the patient has had no response to the drug, the most likely explanation for the lack of response is that patient is not taking
Extrapyramidal side effects most commonly occur with which type of medication: antiphyscotics
What is the best definition of a tangential thought process? Changing topic from the focus of the interview and following another topic of conversation
Which personality disorder is characterized by excessive attention seeking, exaggerated emotional response, seductive, uninhibited and lively behaviors, that are frequently superficial and fleeting? histrionic
Mary does not like Sara at all. In order to keep herself from feeling guilty about these negative feelings, Mary has convinced herself that Sara does not like her either. Which of the following is a defense mechanism that is being utilized by Mary? projection
The neurotransmitter thought to probably play a role in the etiology of schizophrenia is dopamine
Persons who suffer from Panic Disorder frequently also suffer from which phobia? agoraphobia
A patient should be hospitalized upon the discovery of which of the following signs or symptoms related to their eating disorder? electrolyte imbalance
An adult depressed man literally believes that he is being punished by God for certain sexual behaviors he engaged in as a adolescent. This might well represent a mood-congruent delusion
One contraindication to the use of ECT is space-occupying lesion in the brain
During a mental status examination of a patient with schizophrenia, you note increased time between the patient's comprehension and expression of thoughts. This finding is an increase in which of the following? thought latency
Acetaldehyde poisoning is likely to occur if someone consumes two or three alcoholic drinks and also takes the prescription drug antabuse
Which of the following dietary substances interact with monoamine oxidase-inhibitor antidepressant drugs? tyramine
It is often nearly impossible to awaken someone who is experiencing sleep terror
Which of the following statements about the intervention strategies during Critical Events Management (CEM) reflects the most accurate information? CEM requires health professionals to assume non-traditional roles.
Which of the following medications is most helpful in the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder? fluoxetine (prozac)
Asperger's disorder and Autistic disorder are listed under which of the following classifications? pervasive developmental disorder
The "typical" antipsychotic drugs help ameliorate most symptoms of schizophrenia except for social withdrawal
A 25 year-old female presents with signs and symptoms of depression. She does not have any other known medical problems. What diagnostic study is indicated in the initial evaluation of this patient? TSH
Which of the following is NOT a symptom of mania? social phobia
In Freudian theory, the part of the personality that is partly unconscious and that is the repository of many needs and drives is called the id
In every state there are legal criteria that must be met before patients can be involuntarily hospitalized. These criteria vary from state to state but every state requires that the patient must be suffering from mental illness
If patients cannot tolerate Lithium there are two other mood stabilizing drugs that can be substituted. Both are anticonvulsants
Which is characteristic in patients with bulimia but not in patients with anorexia nervosa? norm menstruation
During the course of psychiatric therapy, the therapist begins to have very negative feelings towards the patient. This situation is best described by which of the following terms? countertransference
Which of the following tests that a clinical psychologist might give is called a projective test? rorschach inkblot
Patients who have apparently had a good premorbid adjustment before becoming schizophrenic are said to be suffering from reactive schizophrenia
As you review the chart, you see that your next patient has been documented as currently experiencing dysphoria. When you enter the room, you are most likely expecting which of the following? pt sad/depressed
A patient who was recently started on a daily prescription of Haldol comes to the ED complaining that his head and neck have turned to one side and he cannot straighten them out. He is likely suffering from a drug-induced dystonia
Which of the following classes of drugs used in psychiatry rarely or never have anticholinergic side effects? anti-manic
Which of the following is not usually considered a behavioral therapy technique? dream interpretation
About 1% of the US population will suffer at some point in their lives from bipolar disorder
Who is the most likely adult to sexually abuse a child? family member
Confabulation is seen frequently in korsakoff's
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