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Hatchet chapters 1-4

consuming to take in
initial the beginning of something such as time
rudder a structure at the tail of aircraft used for effecting horizontal change
tundra a treeless area between the icecaps and the tree line
hokey slang for corny,goofy or silly
spasm a sudden involuntary contras actions of a muscles or group of muscles
audible can be heard
grimacing facial expression showing extreme pain
turbulence a motion of atmosphere that disturbs the flow of wind
lurched a staggering or forward movement
cowling the covering over an airplane engine
altimeter an instrument used in aircraft to determine elevation
frustration the emotion produce by not being able to accomplish a task
arc shaped like a curve
coma a state of deep unconsciousness
intervals the amount of time in between two or more events
muck a moist sticky mixture of mud and filth
abated to decrease
keening sharp,vivid,strong
massive consisting of a large amount
hordes a large group or crowd
viciously characterized by violent or destructive behavior
agony suffering from intense physical,emotional.or metal pain
Hatchet Chapters1-4
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