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A virus that causes personality changes, headache, and pharyngeal muscle spasm with gagging when liquids are administered is: rabies
Select the most common form of multiple sclerosis relapsing-remitting
Which of the following interventions is most effective during the early stages of Alzheimer's disease? post-its, other memory aids
A type of intracranial injury that can produce a lucid period that is later followed by loss of consciousness and/or focal neurologic signs is epidural hematoma
Duchenne's muscular dystrophy is characterized by: x-linked recessive
A patient presents with hearing loss, balance problems, tinnitus and vertigo. No imaging study is performed. Based on the information given, which of the following is the most likely diagnosis? Meniere's
What is the usual treatment in a 66-year old woman who presents with a 5-year history of isolated intention tremor in both hands that is not interfering with function? reassurance
progressive distal-to-proximal upper and lower extremity weakness over the past 24 hours. Examination reveals no muscular atrophy, but absent patellar and biceps reflexes. Guillain-barre
When you are examining a patient, you find several beats of ankle clonus. What other physical examination finding are you also likely to find? hyperreflexia
Which of the following medications is most appropriate for migraine headache prophylaxis? propranolol
Household contacts of a patient with bacterial meningitis are best treated with which of the following? Cipro
One of the major side effects of antipsychotic medications is acute dystonia. Which of the following medications would you give IM or IV to rapidly reverse the dystonia? Benadryl
seizures preceded by aura, loss of consciousness, last 2-3 minutes, lip smacking, then grogginess/confusion Complex partial seizures
His physical examination is consistent with a lesion of the motor root of the trigeminal (fifth cranial) nerve. Which of the following actions does he have difficulty performing? Clenching teeth
Loss of bladder/bowel function after car accident cauda equina syndrome
A 45-year-old man with diabetes mellitus complains of a burning sensation of both lower legs and hands. The best explanation for his complaint is: He has a disease affecting axons of his peripheral nerves
Which of the following refers to a brief episode of neurologic dysfunction caused by focal brain ischemia with complete recovery of symptoms and no evidence of ischemic event on imaging studies? TIA
Lhermitte s sign or symptom is characteristic of which of the following diseases: multiple sclerosis
A positive Babinski sign is extensor plantar response
What is the most common primary brain tumor in children under the age of four? medulloblastoma
A 31 year-old man complains for daily headaches in the left periorbital area accompanied by tearing of the left eye, rhinorrhea and left facial redness. Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis? Cluster headaches
Which of the following is the most common type of glioma? glioblastoma multiforme
What headache med contraindicated in patient w CAD? sumatriptan (imitrex)
The most common form of epilepsy in adults is: Temporal lobe epilepsy
Bradykinesia, a decreased ability to initiate voluntary movements, would most likely be due to lesions in which of the following structures? basal gangila
A disorder that may produce daytime sleepiness and impaired occupational performance is: Obstructive sleep apnea
Examination of a patient’s visual fields reveals complete blindness in the left eye. Opthalmoscopic examination is normal. Which of the following lesions is most likely causing this abnormality? A lesion between the retina and the optic chiasm
Complex partial seizures: may consist of staring, repetitive movements (automatisms), or olfactory hallucinations
A patient with known relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (MS) presents to the hospital with an exacerbation of MS symptoms. What is the recommended treatment? methylprednisone
A positive Brudzinki sign for meningeal irritation includes: Involuntary flexion of hip upon neck flexion
Select the most frequently found organism in acute bacterial meningitis in adults: Strep pneumo
On physical examination, touching the cornea of either eye with a cotton swab results in blinking of only the left eye. The patient states that he feels the cotton swab touch in both eyes. Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis? right facial nerve palsy
Sudden withdrawal from chronic heavy barbiturate use would most likely result in convulsions or death
Best med for alcohol withdrawl? Benzos
The Argyll-Robertson pupil abnormality that is observed with neurosyphilis consists of: pupils that accommodate to near vision but do not react to light
Which of the following is true regarding lacunar infarcts? treatment to control hypertension
A form of dementia that may respond to shunting of cerebrospinal fluid is: norm pressure hydroceph
Which sign is associated with meningitis and intracranial hemorrhage? nuchal rigid
she has loss of sensation in the L4-S1 distribution of the right leg. The patellar reflex of the right leg is absent, and a Babinski sign was negative. A T2-weighted MRI of her head reveals multiple bright signal abnormalities in the white matter Presence of oligoclonal bands by agarose gel electrophoresis
In patients with multiple sclerosis, the propagation of action potentials in axons is slowed or blocked completely because: Myelin surrounding the axons is disrupted by autoimmune attack
presence of bilateral eyelid ptosis, proximal muscle weakness and normal reflexes. What is the most likely diagnosis myasthenia gravis
A 5 year-old child has just been hospitalized with meningococcemia. Family members and close contacts should be given which of the following as prophylaxis? rifampin orally
Which of the following is not associated with Alzheimer's Disease? lewy bodies
Saccular (berry) aneurysm is associted with which of the following disorders? adult polycystic kidney disease
Select the false statement regarding poliomyelitis: Oral polio vaccine is not associated with vacine-associated poliomyelitis
Which of the following is the initial treatment of choice for status epilepticus? ativan
A 18 year-old football player is currently undergoing rehab for his quadriceps strain. The therapist grades his right quad strength at 4+. This means: He has active extension against gravity and some resistance
right-sided hemiparesis (face and hand more affected than leg), homonymous hemianopsia of the right half of both visual fields, and aphasia. Where is the location of his stroke? middle cerebral
A lateral medullary syndrome (Wallenberg) might result from occlusion of: posterior inferior cerebral artery
The Tensilon (edrophonium) test is used to diagnose which of the following conditions? myasthena gravis
Treatment of Bell's palsy in a patient without evidence of HSV infection includes which of the following? reassurance
A 31-year-old woman is resuscitated after a MVAbut does not respond to painful stimuli. She occasionally yawns, coughs, and has spontaneous eye opening and movement. She maintains a sleep-wake cycle. This clinical picture most like represents: persistive vegetative state
Select the product that is indicated for the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease Sinemet
MVA, strikes his forehead on the windshield. He complains of neck pain and severe burning in his shoulders and arms. His physical exam reveals weakness of his upper extremities. What type of spinal cord injury does this patient have? central cord syndrome
Which of the following is NOT characteristic of Parkinson's disease? intention tremor
intermittent and uncontrollable twitching of his right hand that spreads to involve the entire arm after a few minutes. After, the arm is extremely weak. no other involvement, sensory deficit or altered consciousness. What is the most likely seizure simple partial
Aphasia is most often noted in patients with thrombosis or embolism involving which artery? middle cerebral
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