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Latin Collins Unit 8

Ecclesiastical Latin 501 Christendom NDGS

-pleo, -plere, -plevi, -pletus fill, complete
adimpleo, adimplere, adimplevi, adimpletus fulfill
compleo, complere, complevi, completus fulfill, accomplish
impleo, implere, implevi, impletus fill, accomplish
repleo, replere, replevi, repletus fill, complete
rego, regere, rexi, rectus rule, guide, govern
corrigo, corrigere, correxi, correctus correct
dirigo, dirigere, direxi, directus direct
erigo, erigere, erexi, erectus raise up, erect
incensum, incensi incense
meritum, meriti merit
silentium, silentii silence
angelicus, angelica, angelicum angelic
contritus, contrita, contritum contrite
cunctus, cuncta, cunctum all
gloriosus, gloriosa, gloriosum glorious
gratus, grata, gratum (+dat) pleasing, agreeable
mirus, mira, mirum wonderful
mundus, munda, mundum pure, clean
sacrosanctus, sacrosancta, sacrosanctum most holy, venerable
salutifer, salutifa, salutifum salutary, saving
supernus, superna, supernum heavenly, celestial
terrenus, terrena, terrenum earthly
etiam also, even
iterum again
jam already, now, soon
per (+acc) through
post (+acc) after, behind
quando when
quia that, because
quod that, because
quoniam that, because
sed but, yet
tunc then, at that time
compleo- complete
dirigo- direct
corrigo- correct
rego- regent
gratus- grateful
mirus- miracle
sacrosanctus- sacrosanct
supernus- supernal
terrenus- terrain
iterum- iterate
per- perforate
quand- quandary
erigo- erect
silentium- silence
contritus- contrite
laudabam I was praising
celebrabas you (s) were celebrating
sanabat he was healing
fugabamus we were chasing away
cantabatis you (pl) were singing
ambulabant they were walking
habebam I was holding
delebas you (s) were destroying
monebat she was advising
miscebamus we were mingling
complebatis you (pl) were accomplishing
habebant they were holding
dicebam I was saying
bibebas you (s) were drinking
agebat he was doing
seducebamus we were deceiving
ducebatis you (pl) were leading
jungebant they were joining
capiebam I was receiving
faciebas you (s) were making
efficiebat he was effecting
recipiebamus we were taking back
accipiebatis you (pl) were getting
deficiebant they were failing
audiebam I was hearing
adveniebas you (s) were arriving
inveniebat she was finding
exaudiebamus we were hearing favorably
veniebatis you (pl) were coming
conveniebant they were coming together
regebar I was being ruled
exorabaris you (s) were being beseeched
vocabatur she was being called
operabamur we were being worked
sacrabamini you (pl) were being made holy
servabantur they were being served
delebar I was being wiped out
monebaris you (s) were being warned
habebatur he was being held
implebamur we were being filled
replebamini you (pl) were being completed
miscebantur they were being mixed
dicebar I was called
ducebaris, ducebare you (s) were being led
traducebatur she was being betrayed
credebamur we were being believed
jungebamini you (pl) were being joined
corrigebantur they were being corrected
accipiebar I was being taken
efficiebaris, efficiebare you (s) were being made
capiebatur it was being received
deficiebamur we were being wasted
recipiebamini you (pl) were being taken back
faciebantur they were being made
exaudiebar I was being heard favorably
audiebaris, audiebare you (s)were being heard
audiebatur she was being heard
audiebamur we were being heard
exaudiebamini you (pl) were being heard favorably
exaudiebantur they were being heard favorably
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