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Weather 8th vocab

The movement of water through the atmosphere, the ground, bodies of wate and living things; the continuous movement of water above, on and below the Earths surface Water Cycle
The process by which a gas, such as water vapor,beomces a liquid Condensation
Water, in a solid or liquid form, that falls from the air to Earth Precipitation
The change from and liquid phase of matter, such as water, to a gas Evaporation
The process by which living organisms release water vapor into the atomosphere Transpiration
A violent tropical storm that forms over the oceans. Cyclone
The amount of energy needed to change the temperature of 1 kg of a substance by 1 degree Celsius Specific heat capacity
The transfer of thermal energy from one substance to another through direct contact Conduction
The process by which cooler material sinks while warmer material rises because of a change in density; the transfer of thermal energy by the movement of a liquid or a gas Convection
The transfer of thermal energy through matter or space as electromagnetic maves, such as visible light and infrared waves Radiation
A streamlike movement of ocean water that occurs at or near the surface of the ocean Surface current
A streamlike movement of ocean water far below the surface of the ocean Deep current
The regular rise and fall of the oceans caused by the gravitational pull of the Earth, moon and sun Tides
A major warming of the equatorial waters in the Pacific Ocean that usually occur every 2-7 years causing shifts in normal weather patterns El Nino
The periodic cooling of the equatorial waters in the Pacific Ocean that usually occurs every 2-7 years causing shifts in normal weather patterns El Nina
The condition of the atmosphere at a certain time and place Weather
The average weather conditions in an area over a long period of time Climate
A large body of air that has the same temperature and moisture throughout Air mass
The area where two different air masses meet Front
The orbit of the moon around the Earth, during which all the lunar phases occur Lunar cycle
The breeze that blows from the land toward the sea after sunset. Land breeze
A wind blowing from the sea to the land, especially during the day when the land surface is warmer. Sea breeze
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