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Ben O DTM Stages 3-4

The vocabulary for stages 3-4

Phenomenon A fact observed to exist.
Health care Improvement of physical and mental health
Outliers People or things that are exceptions to the normal average.
Family Planning Controlling the number of children in a family.
Contraceptives A drug used to prevent pregnancy.
Economics Branch of knowledge concerned with wealth.
Politics Activities associated with the government of a country.
Socioculutral Combining social and cultural factors.
Advantageous Involving favorable circumstances that increase the chance of effectiveness.
Alleviate Make less severe.
Stabilization Strategy made by the government to keep economic growth stable.
Education Receiving systematic instruction.
Primary Education First stage of education based on basic subjects.
Secondary Education High schools and even Middle Schools.
Higher Education Basically a college or university.
Gender Empowerment Increasing economic, political, social, and education for a specific gender.
Integrated Various parts are linked together.
Doubling time Period of time required for a quantity to double in size or value.
Replacement level in terms of CBR Only having enough children to replace the parents.
Age dependency ratio Ratio of people younger than 15 or older than 64.
Baby boomers Person born the years following WWII.
Indicative Serving as a sign of something.
Urbanization Increasing number of people that migrate from rural to urban areas.
Zero Population Growth When there is exactly no growth in population.
Negative Population Growth When the CBR falls below the CDR.
Created by: Ben O



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