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Stack #172329

Mr. Olson 6th Grade Chap 2 E

What tiny submarine sent back pictures from inside the Titanic? Jason Jr.
What kind of currents cause sediments to build up more in some places than in others? turbidity currents
Free standing mountains on the ocean floors are called what? seamounts
The vast ocean bottom is called the what? abyssal plain
What materials that formed mostly from shells cover about half the ocean floor? organic ooze
What British warship set of in 1872 to make the first direct observation of what was under the ocean's water? HMS Challenger
What part of the ocean floor is the point at which the shelf surronding the continent begins to angle sharply down? continental edge
What is the longes mountain range in the world? mid ocean ridge
Which part of the ocean floor stretches to the deepest part of the ocean? continental rise
What is a self-propelled underwater craft called? submersible
Which part of the ocean floor extends in a gentle downward slope from the edge of the continent into the ocean? continental shelf
What uses high pitched sound pulses to map the ocean floor? sonar
Which part of the ocean floor is a clifflike drop? continental slope
What is sonar? sound waves
Who wrote the book "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea? Jules Verne
Millions of _____________ nodules litter the ocean floor. maganese
Created by: mr.olson