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Vocab 8

Primary The most important
Primogeniture The rules of inheritance that leave property to first child
Prince The male heir to the king
Polytheism A belief in many Gods
Polygamy Marriage to more than one person
Polygon A geometric figure with five sides
Preterhuman Beyond normal human abilities; more than human
Preternatural Beyond what is normal or natural
Pretermit To disregard intentionally or omit; to ignore
Quasi Stellar A member of several classes of astronomical bodies like quasars and certain types of galaxies
Quasi-Judicial a hearing or assembly that has some of the features of a court, but not all
Quasi successful Having achieved a minor level of success
Recognize To acknowledge the existence, validity, or legality of something
Regress To go backwards in development or progress
Revert To return to a previous state
Semiannual Occurring twice a year, half-yearly
Semicircle A partial circle, half circle
Semifinal The game or round immediately preceding the final
Superscribe To write or print at the top of or on the outside of a document
Superb Being excellent or impressively splendid
Supervise To monitor or watch closely
Unarm To not have a weapon, to be empty-handed
Unconscious Not knowing or perceiving, or to be made insensible or insensate
Unequal Not being up to the task, or being dissimilar
Created by: Niameb