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Stack #172316

Mr. Olson 6th Grade Chap 1 E

Animal-like plankton are called __________. zooplankton
In ocean water, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen are present as ______________. gases
The fresh water in rivers is less ___________ than ocean water. dense
In ocean water, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, and magnesium chloride are present as dissolved _____________. salts
What is a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus called? scuba
The plants and animals that live on the ocean floor and do not swim are called ____________. benthos
Water temperature _____________ as ocean depth increases. decreases
The organisms that live on or near the ocean's surfaace and drift with currents are called ________________. plankton
What keeps water in the deepest regions of the ocean from freezing? pressure
The total amount of dissolved salts in ocean water is called _____________. salinity
Plantlike plankton are called ____________. phytoplankton
Sand particles, bits of shells, and decaying organisms that do not dissolve in ocean water form _____________. sediment
The total amount of dissolved salts in ocean water is called _________________. salinity
Ocean water is a mixture of water and ______________. salts
Because phytoplankton need sunlight for ___________________, they must live near the surface of the ocean. photosynthesis
Created by: mr.olson