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Scociology exam 2

Social stratification A system by which a society ranks categories of people in a hierarchy based on three factors. Material resources, power, and status.
Matirial resources Anything that can be turned into money.
Status The degree by which people look up to or down to you.
Power The ability to make people do what you want.
Funtionalist thoery Each aspect of society is interdependent and contributes to society's stability and functionality as a whole.
Slave An extreme form of inequality in which people own other people as property.
Caste A social system in which a persons social status is given/determined for life. Social status in a caste system is determined based on physical characteristics such as race and ethnicity.
Class refers to people who have a relationship to the means of production.
Social class A social class is a group of people who occupy a similar economic position in the wider society
The 4 components of social class Social class is determined by these 4 factors. income, wealth, occupation, and education.
Income Money earned from work. Social scientists measure income in three main ways, mean, median, and shares.
Shares They tell us the proportion of total income earned by a smaller group in a population
Wealth The value of owned posestions minus debt. Mesaured the same way as income
Occupation A person's source of income. Also provides status.
Social identites Collections of individuals in society who are grouped together on the basis of shared traits or experiences.
Sociologist's definition of gender The attitudes and behaviors that are associated with biological sex categories.
Gender difference's The physchological, social, and cultural differences between men and women Ie: color differences for boys and girls
Gender inequaility The difference in status, income, and power women and men have in groups, collectives and societies.
Power inequality A form of gender inequality in which there is a difference in power between gender's. Ie: Management positions are more likely to be or have more men in them.
Domestic inequality Gender differences in a household/domestic environment. Ie: Men doing less house work while women doing more housework.
Occupational sex segregation (OSS) The pattern of women and men becoming concentrated into stereotyped occupations. Ie, women making up (90%) of nurses while men only (10%)
Race ways of classifying people based on physical markers. Ie: skin color, hair texture, eye shape, etc.
Ethnicity Ways of classifying people based on cultural differences, especially nationality.
Prejudice A belief about a person or group that precedes knowledge of that person or group, and that may persist after contrary experience.
Discrimination An action that follows from prejudice. Can be individual-level or institutional level.
Sex The physical differences if the body between men and women.
Created by: Builttofly