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Bk 1 Vocab 12

Latin 4H/5AP

adnitor, adniti to strive, lean against
acutus, a, um sharp, pointed, keen
detrudo, detrudere to push off, dislodge
levo, levare to lift, raise
tempero, temperare to calm, control
rota, ae wheel; chariot
perlabor, perlabi to glide over
coorior, cooriri to (a)rise
seditio, seditionis riot, strife
saevio, saevire to rage, be fierce
ignobilis, is, e inglorious, common
vulgus, i crowd, throng, herd
fax, facis firebrand, torch
volo, volare to fly, speed
ministro, ministrare to tend, serve, supply
meritum, i desert, service, merit
arrigo, arrigere to raise, prick up
auris, is ear
mulceo, mulcere to soothe, calm
prospicio, prospicere to look out on
Created by: hflmagistra