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Bk 1 Vocab 11

Latin 4H/5AP

numen, numinis divine power, divine will
audeo, audere to dare, venture
tollo, tollere to raise
moles, molis mass, burden, heap
praesto, praestare to surpass, be better
compono, componere to compose, construct, quiet, calm
commissum, i fault, crime
luo, luere to attone for
maturo, maturare to hasten, speed; ripen
pelagus, i sea, flood, wave
sors, sortis lot, fate, destiny
aula, ae court, hall
carcer, carceris prison, enclosure
aio, aiere to say
cito quickly, soon
tumidus, a, um swelling, swollen
placo, placare to calm, quiet
colligo, colligere to collect, gather
nubes, is cloud, mist, fog
sol, solis sun, day
Created by: hflmagistra