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Med Terms-18

-stenosis narrowing, stiff heart valve
polyangitis inflammation of many vessels
arteriostenosis narrowing of an artery
atherosclerosis hardening of plaque
interatrial pertaining to between the atria
pericardial pertaining to around the heart
endocardial pertaining to within the heart
ischemia condition of blood being held back
phlebotomy cutting into a vein
thrombogenic producing a clot
valvoplasty surgical repair of a valve
varicosis abnormal condition of having varicosity
aneurysm widening of an artery
angina pectoris severe chest pain caused by myocardial ischemia
cardiac catheterization (CC) passage of catheter through veins or arteries leading into heart
cardiac enzymes complex proteins released by heart when it is damaged
congenital septal defect (CSD) birth defect in wall separating 2 chambers
coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) open-heart surgery in which a blood vessel is grafted to route blood around occluded coronary artery
coronary artery disease (CAD) chronic heart disease caused by arteriosclerosis or atherosclerosis of coronary arteries; arteriosclerotic heart disease (ASHD)
Doppler sonography imaging technique using ultrasound to create moving image
edarterectomy surgical removal of inner lining of artery in order to remove plaques
fibrillation abnormal quivering or contractions of heart fibers
heart murmur abnormal heart sound
heart valve prolapse cusps/flaps of heart valve too loose
myocardial ischemia loss of blood supply to heart muscle tissue of myocardium
pacemaker electrics device artificially stimulates contraction of heart muscle; treatment for bradycardia
sphygmomanometer instrument for measuring blood pressure
stress test method for evaluating cardiovascular fitness
streptokinase (SK) clot-busting drug
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