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jackmc's stack


Name one heavy industry we have studied. RUSAL
Name on light industry we have studied. Apple
Aid Money given from rich countries to poor countries.
Tied Aid Aid that comes with conditions, liike buying things off the donor country
Can you name the 8 factors ? 1. Labour force 2. Markets 3. Transport Facilities 4. Raw Materials 5. Services 6. Capital 7. Government/EU policy 8. Personal Preferences
Define inequality difference in size, degree, circumstances, etc.; lack of equality
Name 4 reasons for inequality debt, Colonisation , trade and corruption
Name 3 types of aid Emergency aid, development aid and tied aid
Define emergency aid This is aid in the form of food, water, medicines and basic supplies given following a natural disaster such as an earthquake or famine. Emergency aid can also be given in times of war.
What is the population of sierra Leone 5.2 million
define debt In many developing countries, development is made more difficult by debt and corruption in their own states. Many owe foreign banks huge sums of money with large interest payments attached, which they cannot afford to pay back.
What are NGO'S Non-government organisations (NGOS) NGOs are organisations that work and provide aid for developing nations on a voluntary basis. NGOs are independent of any government and are non-profit making. Irish examples of NFOs are Concern, TrĂ³caire and Goal. An
Created by: JasmineDuffy