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Latina Christiana 2

Lesson 4 Review

frater, fratris brother
pater, patris father
mater, matris mother
centurio, centurions centurion
civitas, civitatis state
soror, sororis sister
veritas, veritatis truth
Caesar, Caesaris Caesar
dolor, doloris pain, sorrow
imperator, imperatoris general, commander
caput, capitis, n head
hostis, hostis, c enemy
ordo, ordinis, m rank
tempus, temporis time
virtus, virtutis virtue, courage
miles, militis, soldier
flumen, fluminis, n river
legio, legionis, f legion
canis, canis, c dog
nomen, nominis, n name
lux, lucis, f light
rex, regis, f king
lex, legis, f law
urbs, urbis, f city
vox, vocis, f voice
homo, hominis man
pax, pacis, f peace
ignis, ignis, m fire
collis, collis, m hill
navis, navis, f ship
nox, noctis, f night
crux, crucis, f cross
pons, pontis, m bridge
gens, gentis, f tribe
pars, parits, f part
mons, montis, m mountain
mors, mortis, f death
corpus, coporis body
virgo maiden, virgin
libra pair of scales
scorpio scorpian
sagittarius archer
capricorn goat
aquarius water-carrier
pisces fish
aries ram
taurus bull
geminus twin
cancer crab
leo lion
unus one
duo two
tres three
quattuor four
quinque five
sex six
septem seven
octo eight
novem nine
decem ten
centum hundred
mille thousand
alma mater nuturing mother
Pax Romana The Roman Peace
Miles Christi sum I am a soldier of Christ
Vox populi, vox dei The voice of the people is the voice of god
Signum Crucis Sign of the cross
Et tu, Brute? You too, Brutus?
Created by: lkroth



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