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What makes up nearly half of South America? Brazil
What is an escarpment? A steep cliff between two level areas at a different height
Does Brazil bulge out into the Atlantic? yes
How many slaves worked at a plantation? Over 3 million
True or False? The climate is very cool and always dry. False
In what year did the Portugese come to Brazil? In the 1500s
How long is the land dry then it rains and the rain ruins the land? One year
What is the brazilian life expectancy? 49
What is Brazil's cash crop? coffee
What are the brazilian slums called? Favelas
What is Brazil's capital? Brazillia
What is the least explored region of Brazil? The Amazon River Region
What percentage of Brazilians live in the Basin? 10
What is a plantation? Large comerical farms
What is a gasohol? a mix of gasoline and ethnol
What is Brazil's economic challenges? They mostly live in the NE so most can feed their children
WHat are some of the goverments Policies? They try to ease the burden of people, they want to boost growth and encourage settlement in the counrty's interior
What are some economic activites? Steel mills, oil refineries, hydroelectric dams, banks automobiles
What was the fraction of employed in 1940? 2/3
What was the fraction of employed in 2000? 1/3
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