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Hindu heritage

chapter 16

official languages Hindi and English but 17 regional languages exist
subcontinent divided into secular state of India and smaller Muslim state of Pakistan
Himalayas provide isolation for the country
long term challenges include poverty, inadequate infrastructure
first wave of immigrants faced racial discrimination and lack of economic opportunities
reason for immigration attain higher standard of living
immigration laws of 1965 lead to professionals immigrating
communication patterns women are often soft spoken
Hindu theory of creation time is a manifestation of God. The past the present, and future coexist in God
Indians have a relaxed attitude towards time
women do not address men by first name because women are not equal to men
family is patriarchal
criteria of Hindu family family property owned by men and only male lineage
joint family system extended family members live together, oldest male is head of family
diseases H5N1, CVD's, DM, COPD
Asians more sensitive to effects of alcohol
high risk behaviors alcoholism, cigarette smoking especially among men
sex workers lead to high incidence of HIV, IVDU
death seen as family affair
eldest son is responsible for funeral rites
death rite is called antyesti (or last rite)
hinduism believes soul survives death
death is considered a rebirth
response to death women may wail, moan, beat their chests in front of the corpse
mourning occurs for 12 days
2 primary concepts of Hindu belief system are karma(all human actions lead to consequences) and dharma (righteousness action
social system is a caste system
primary sources of strength family and religion
illnesses attack through mind, body, soul
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