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AH- CH 40

Adult Health I

right ventricle pumps blood through the ___ pulmonary circulation
left ventricle pumps blood through the ____ systemic circulation
during ventricle diastole the ___ and ___ valves open and blood flows from the highes pressure atria to the relaxed ventrilces mitral and tricuspid valves
mitral and tricuspid valves opening is the __ S1
during the systolic phase the ___ and ___ valves open and blood flows from the ventricles to the aorta and pulmonary artey aortic and pulmonary valves
aortic and pulmonary valves opening is the ___ S2
deoxygenated blood goes to ___ right side of heart
oxygenated blood from the lungs goes to the __ left side of the heart
CAD and cardiomyopathy (enlarged heart)result in ____ pumping and ____ in stroke volume of blood ejected from ventricles <, <
which valves open during ventricular diastole? mitral and tricuspid (S1)
which valves open during systolic phase? semilunar valves: aortic and pulmonic (S2)
what is the normal cardiac output? 4 to 6 L/min
stoke volume x heart rate = cardiac output
gases move in and out of the lungs through ____ pressure changes
intrapleural pressure is __ negative
relaxation of the diaphragm and contraction of the internal intercostal muscles ___ allow air to escape from the lungs
the process of moving gases into and out of the lungs ventilation
if the effort required to expand and contract the lungs Work Of Breathing WOB
is an active process stimulates by chemical receptors in the aorta inspiration
is a passive process that depends on the elastic recoil properties of the lungs requiring little or no muscle work expiration
is a chemical produced in the lungs to maintain the surface tension of the alveoli and keep them from collapsing surfactant
in COPD pt the lungs do not __ recoil properly
is the ability of the lungs to distend in response to increased intraalveolar pressure compliance
is the pressure difference between the mouth and the alveoli in relation to the rate of flow of inspired gas airway resistance
what are the 3 things the pulmonary circulation does? gas exchange, reservior for blood, and is a filter
the movement of molecules from an area of higher concentraion to an area of lower concentraion diffusion
what does O2 transport depend on? amount of O2 entering lungs, blood flow, rate of diffusion, O2 carrying capacity
the carrier of O2 and CO2 hemoglobin
is fluid loss that reduces circulating blood volume hypovolemia
wound healing,pregnancy, and exercies increase ___ metobolic rate
happens with high altitudes and drug overdoses decreased inspired O2 concentrations
what are 7 things that affect chest wall movement? pregnany, obesity, musculoskeletal abn, trauma, neuromuscluar disease, CNS alterations, influences of chronic disease
trauma at spinal cord __- __ usually results in paralysis of the phrenic nerve C3-C5
s/s of left sided heart failure are: fatigue, breathlessness, dizziness, confusion, crackles on ausculation, hypoxia, SOB, cough, nocturnal dyspnea
s/s of right sides heart failure are: pt gain weight, distended neck veins, hepatomegaly, and splenomegaly, dependent peripheral edema
is a transient imbalance between myocardial O2 supply and demand angina
s/s of angina pectoris CP that is aching, sharp, tingling, or burning---pressure---radiates to arms, jaw, neck, and back
results from sudden < in coronary blood flow or an increase in myocardial O2 demand withoug adequate coronary perfusion MI myocardial infarction
CP in men during a MI is: crushing, squeezing, or stabbing felt in back, left arm, neck, jaws, teeth, epigastric area
CP in women during a MI is: fatigue, weakness, indigestion, vasospasm, SOB, back, jaw pain
normal PaCO2 is 35-45mmHg
normal PaO2 is 95-100mmHg
is a state of ventilation in excess of that required to eliminate the CO2 produced by cellular metabolism hyperventilation
occurs when alveolar ventilation is inadequate to meet the body;s O2 demand or to eliminate sufficient CO2 hypoventilation
atelectasis is an example of ___ hypoventilation
is an inadequate tissue oxygentation at the cellular level hypoxia
blue discoloration of the skin and mucus membranes caused by the presence of desaturated hemoglobin in capillaries is a late sign of hypoixa cyanosis
____ are at risk for upper resp tract infections infants and toddlers
____ are at risk for exposure to cigarette smoking and 2nd hand smoke school aged children and adolescents
____ are exposed to unhealty diets, lack of exercise, stress, over the counter drugs, illegal substances, and smoking young and middle adults
irritability in older adults may be a sign of___ resp distress
cardioprotective nutrition includes diets: rich in fiber, whole grains, fresh friuts, veggies, nuts, antioxidants, lean meats, fish, chicken, and omega 3 fatty acids
citrus juice and potatos are cardiovascular protective in ___ but not ___ women but not men
diets high in ___ prevent HTN K+
risk of lung cancer is ___x greater for a smoker 10
___ - ____ ml of fluid/day for resp 1500-2000
multiple pillows when lying down to help breath orthopnea
intermitted suctioning for 10-15 seconds and allow one full min between suctions nasotracheal suctioning
best breathing position __ 45 degree semi-fowler's position
is a collection of air in the pleural space pneumothorax
is an accumulation of blood and fluid in the pleural cavity betwee the parietal and visceral pleurae, usually as a result of trauma hemothorax
if you need over 6L of O2 use __ face mask
the pt takes a slow deep breath ans holds it for 2 sec while contracting expiratory muscles cascade cough
stimulates a natural cough reflex and is generally only for clearing central airways huff cough
technique for pt without abd muscle control...while the pt breaths out with max effort the pt pushes inward and upward on the abd muscles toward the diaphragm causing a cough quad cough
involves deep inspiration and prolonged expiration through pursed lips to prevent alveolar collapse purse lip breathing
is more difficult and requires the pt to relax intercoastal and accessory resp muscles while taking deep inspirations diaphragmatic breathing
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