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Rocks and Minerals

Rocks and Minerals Vocabulary and others...

rock a naturally, occuring solid made of one or more minerals
igneous a type of rock that is formed by magma and volcanoes
sedimentary rocks formed in sediments and layers that have been cemented together
metamorphic a type of rock formed from high heat and/or pressure deep down
sediments bits of weathered rock that make up the sedimentary type of rock
rock cycle the process of rocks changing from any type of rock to any other type of rock over long periods of time
volcano a hill/mountain made of cooled magma may or may not continue to erupt lava, gases, ashes, etc.; this is also part of the cycle of the igneous rock
garnet schist a medium-grained rock with foliated bands and varying minerals and larger crystals of garnets; metamorphic rock
crystals a piece of rock or other solid substance that usually comes with regular geometric form and symmetrical faces
magma molten rock under the surface of the Earth
bands (foliated) lines in rocks that are really flattened crystals that looks like stripes, found on a metamorphic rock
fossils an imprint of the remains of an organism preserved in rock that once lived and takes a long time to form and is also rare
layers lines of sediment in rocks that are distinguishable from other nearby layers; found on sedimentary rocks
weathering the breaking down of rock into smaller pieces by the natural/physical disasters
fluorescence the emission of radiation that is usually visible light, when exposed to external radiation
interlocking crystals crystals that filled all of the available space in a rock, so it does not possess the geometric shapes; found on igneous rocks
gravel weathered rock pieces, larger than sand grains, with irregular/jagged edges
pebbles weathered rock pieces that are round and are larger than sand grains
molten rock an igneous rock in its liquid form
natural resource anything that is not man-made and is naturally made from nature and is used by humans
synthetic a substance that is only made when scientists try to invent something new, but they make a new material with chemicals in a lab
renewable a resource reproduced quickly and cannot run out
nonrenewable a resource that cannot reproduce quickly and can run out
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