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Latin America

Chp. 8

Half of all South Americans are... Brazilian
The SM Occidental and SM Oriental meet to form the... Sierra Madre del Sur
Long mt range in the world: Andes (over 4,000 miles)
Patagonia is formed by... Hills and low flatlands in southern Argentina
The llanos were Where people of Venezuela and Columbia raise cattle on lg, fertile plains
Pampas were Grassy, treeless plains in Argentina and Uruguay perfect for grazing cattle and sheep
Amazon River... Drains most lands like Brazil due to its low elevation, 2nd largest River in Western Hemisphere
The Rio de la Plata is the... River of silver
Lake ___ is the world's largest navigable lake. Titicaca
Lake ___ is the largest lake in CA Nicaragua
___ __ is in Venezuela and drops 3212 feet Angel Falls
___ is the 5th largest oil producer in the world Mexico
___ and ___ give many countries the capacity for hydroelectric power Rivers and waterfalls
Tierra caliente Hot; rice, sugar cane, cacao
Tierra templada Temperate; coffee, sugar cane, fruits, and vegatables
Tierra fria Cold; potato eos and barley
Mestizos Mix of NA and European
Mulattoes Mix of African and European
Maya Build many cities with pyramid-shaped temples; ruled by priests and noble; based economy on trade and agriculture; skilled in math; calculated orbit of earth around sun of little more than 365 days
Aztec Build capital city Tenochtitlan on island in middle of lg lake; grew beans and maize on chinampas; polytheism; held ceremonies to win favor and guarantee good harvest
Inca Emporer ruled central gov; build irrigation systems; domesticated, ate, and used the wool of llamas and alpacs; build stone temples adorned with gold and silver; no written language; kept records and sent messages using quipu
Who governed Spanish colonies? Viceroys
Used brazilwood to make Red dye
Sugar plantations built by Portuguese Fazendas
Would led first Latin American Revolution? Toussaint L'Ouverture; Haiti
Leaders who promised to solve problems Caudillos, usually military rulers
Questioned Roman Catholic Church Supported European powers during quests for independence
Church active in today Land reform and improvements in education and health care
Protestant missionaries built Hospitals, schools, and colleges
Mosaics Pics or designs made by setting sm bits of colored stone, glass, or tile in mortar
Calypso, reggae, and samba evolve Africans introduced rhythms, sounds, and dances
Person's quality if life depends on Social class, nationality, and place of residence
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