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Earth Science

Which nonrenewable resource causes the most air pollution? Coal
Where or how is coal, oil, and natural gas used today?
Where do fossil fuels come from? Remains of plants and animals from long ago.
What is the difference between crude oil and oil? Unprocessed=crude oil Oil=refined
Which nonrenewable resource causes the least air pollution? Natural
List the nonrenewable resources. Coal, natural gas, and petroleum
Why are people trying to use alternative energy resources? Because they will run out before more is made, and causes alot of air pollution.
Which do people use more of today, renewable or nonrenewable resources? Why? Nonrenewable,because create less pollution.
Which renewable resource indirectly affects wind and hydropower? Explain. Solar energy
Explain how fusion and fission make energy. Fusion atoms combine, and fission atoms split.
What is the major advantage of fossil fuels? Small amounts= lots of energy
Drilling wells on the Ocean floor removes which fossil fuel? Oil
What is coal made from? Ancient plant remains (peat)
What are natural gas and petroleum formed from? Ancient microscopic sea organisms.
Which fossil fuel is used the most in the U.S.? Which is the most abundant in the U.S.? Oil is used the most, but coal is the most abundant.
What is the major disadvantage of natural gas? It is very flammable.
How does hydroelectricity create electricity for people? Has to have moving water.
What does energy conservation mean? Save what we have only using what is necessary.
Which renewable resource is the most widely used today. Hydroelectricity
What will most future cars run on to save more energy? Electricity
Where does geothermal energy come from? Heat from inside the Earth
List the alternative resources. Water, solar,biomass, geothermal, hydroelectricity, fusion, and fission
Why is plastic not a natural resource? It is man made.
Compare the rate of use and formation between renewable and nonrenewable resources. Nonrenewable=replaced slower than than which it was used. Renewable=replaced at the same rate as it was produced.
Why is there so much smog in down town Atlanta than in rural areas? There are more buildings, vehicles, and tall buildings that trap the pollution.
Where do fusion and fission occur? Fission= nuclear power plants. Fusion= occurs from the sun.
What is the disadvantage of fission? Causes a lot of nuclear waste.
How is the sun's energy harnessed? Solar cells and panels absorbed the suns energy.
What is acid rain and how can people prevent it? Any precipitation with acid rain, can decrease the burning of fossil fuels.
In Iceland, heat from the Earth's surface is used to make energy. What is this called? Geothermal energy
List 3 examples of organic matter used to create biomass. Lumber, manure,forest debris
List some examples of recyclable material. Plastic cans, paper, and plastic bags
What is the disadvantage of solar energy? The amount of money it cost, and not enough Sun light all the time.
What is a major disadvantage of wind energy? Some areas don't have enough strong wind, and the wind could be unpredictable at times.
What is a problem of building dams for hydroelectric energy? Dams are a problem for hydroelectricity because, this would stop the rushing flow of water and this wouldn't create energy -harm the environment.
Created by: Katie Ratcliff
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