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Hobbitus Vocabulary List 3 (pp 5 & 6)

subito (adv) suddenly
volo/velle/volui to want
meus, -a, -um my
relinquo/-ere/reliqui/relictus to leave (behind)
numquam (adv) never
redeo/-ire/redii/reditus to return, go back
nihil nothing
dico/-ere/dixi/dictus to speak, say
aut . . . aut either . . . or
surgo/-ere/surrexi/surrectus to rise
incipio/-ere/incepi/inceptus to begin
inquit he/she says
taceo/-ere/tacui/tacitus to be silent, quiet
diligenter (adv) diligently, carefully
adsum/adesse/adfui/adfuturus to be present
comes, comitis, m. comrade, companion
ille/illa/illud that; (pl) those
consilium, -i, nt. advice, counsel, plan
mox (adv) soon
hic/haec/hoc this; (pl) these
iter, itineris, nt. journey, trip
periculum, -i, nt. danger, peril
mortuus, -a, -um dead
celeriter (adv) swiftly, quickly
perterritus, -a, -um terrified
sum/esse/fui/futurus to be
tollo/-ere/sustuli/sublatus to lift (up), raise
saepe (adv) often
mensa, -ae, f. table
duco/-ere/duxi/ductus to lead
credo/-ere/credidi/creditus to believe (in), trust (+ dat.)
maneo/-ere/mansi/mansus to remain, stay
possum/posse/potui to be able, can
iterum (adv) again
quod (conj) because
puto (1) to think, believe
necque (conj) and not
tamen (adv) nevertheless, yet
fortis, -e brave; strong
lux, lucis, f light
cupio/-ere/cupivi/cupitus to desire, wish
invenio/-ire/inveni/inventus to find, come upon
pono/-ere/posui/positus to put, place
circum (+ acc.) around
sto/stare/steti/status to stand
parvus, -a, -um small, little
Created by: simsma