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weathering and soil

Stack #171462

Definition or explanationTerm
Breakdown of rock into smaller pieces of the same material; No change in composition of rock, or bits it breaks into Mechanical weathering
The process in which layers or sheets of rock gradually break off Exfoliation
The process of weathering down rock by friction Abrasion
The breakdown of rock by chemical reactions that change the rock's composition Chemical Waethering
The decayed organic matter in soil Humus
A soil layer with physical and chemical properties that differ from those of soil layers above or below it Soil horizon
Teh soil horizons in a specific location; a cross section of soil layers that displays all soil horizons Soil profile
The expansion of desert conditions in areas where the natural plant cover has been destroyed Desertification
Recently fallen organic matter Surface litter
A naturally formed solid that is usually made of one or more types of minerals Rock
Cutting down of trees Deforestation
Actions and influences which cause land to break down. May include agricultural practices (fertilizers, machinery use/plowing, monocropping, overgrazing, irrigation) Degradation
The process of items dissolving into the soil Leaching
The process by which weathered (broken down) particles, such as pebbles, sand, and dust, are carried away and deposited somewhere else by wind, water, gravity, or ice Erosion
A mixture of weathered rock, decayed plant and animal material, water, and air Soil
A type of powdery, slippery soil Silt
The protection and preservation of soil Soil Conservation
Loose material from erosion and weathering Sediment
The process by which natural forces break down rocks Weathering
Created by: minaforls4